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New foster dog arriving on Friday - advice needed please!

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WonderIfThingsWillChange Wed 23-Apr-14 14:41:03

Hello, last year I adopted a rescue lurcher and have loved every minute of having him around. The experience has been so positive that I've volunteered and been accepted to foster another lurcher this week! We are all looking forward to welcoming him and looking after him but I just wondered if those who already foster or have more than one dog could give me any advice as to what to expect? I know he can't be let off lead so I plan to walk both dogs separately, I've got beds, bowls etc ready but am I missing something vital??

LEMmingaround Wed 23-Apr-14 14:54:48

Sounds like you are all set - have they been introduced yet? i have two JRTs and i wouldn't say they love each other but they rub along ok and play fight a bit, they will lay together sometimes but mostly not. The only thing i would say is that if i walked them separately the one left at home, their head would explode - they wouldn't like that at all. Thats just my dogs though - i can only let one of my dogs off lead, the other one i keep on a long training lead because he is a bastard

WonderIfThingsWillChange Wed 23-Apr-14 15:10:51

Thanks LEMingaround! Perhaps I will walk them together and use a flexi lead for our foster. Hoping to see if I can work on recall with clicker and treats as apparently he's food orientated. He's the same age as my dog and sounds well socialised so I'm hopeful it will be ok! The dogs haven't met yet, I'm taking our dog (benji) up to meet him first so they can have a run around and play together. I've got this idea that 2 lurchers doing zoomies around the place will be great fun but I'm sure 2 dogs will also be harder

moosemama Wed 23-Apr-14 16:44:02

Well done for fostering, you are doing a lovely thing for your soon-to-be foster boy. smile

I have two Lurchers (one is 8 years old, the other 10 months) and am hoping to be able to do some fostering myself eventually, but am not in a position to just at the moment. I was so tempted to take a foster pup for the rescue my older boy came from this week, but my spoilsport husband reminded me that it would be totally impractical at the moment. sad

I walk mine together, with the pup on a longline so he can sniff and mooch while my older lad gets to run free, then I switch them over. I don't let them off together often, as the pup will run and play too hard with my older boy and end up impacting his joints too much. (My pup is more than a touch accident prone, so I lean towards over-cautious.) They get plenty of play opportunities at home and in the garden when they're not so hyped up and excited about being out and about, so they don't miss out.

I don't walk mine separately unless there's someone else at home, as they both hate to be the one that gets left behind and object noisily. hmm

Have the rescue given you any advice about feeding? I would advise feeding separately, at least to begin with - until the new boy is settled in and you've worked out whether or not he has any issues around food.

PootlePoseysMa Wed 23-Apr-14 17:25:42

Hello, I foster for Many Tears Animal Rescue and a few weeks ago I fostered 2 lurcher puppies (I also own a JR and a chihuahua cross). I have to say that without doubt the 2 lurcher puppies have been my favourite fosters so far (and I have fostered quite a lot) :-) I had no idea about the breed before they arrived but I fell in love with them both immediately - so calm, serene, loving and just fab with everybody and everything they met.

One of the pups was adopted by a family who already owned a 2 year old rescue lurcher - they met in my garden and within a few minutes were playing happily together. I think, from your OP that you have all the stuff that you need. I doubt that you will need to walk them separately - does your foster know how to walk on a lead? Maybe after a couple of days try walking them together and see how it goes. Also, do feed them separately until you are sure they are completely fine with eating together. The only other thing might be to set up a crate somewhere just in case you need it at short notice for whatever reason - again after a few days you will know if you can remove it or if you'd rather leave it out.

Good luck - fostering is fab :-) I have attached a link to my 2 lurcher puppies - both are adopted already.

PootlePoseysMa Wed 23-Apr-14 17:33:26

Just thought - make sure that the Rescue give you some food for your foster. You will need enough food to last at least a week because if you change his/her diet immediately then he/she might get a dodgy tummy so gradually mix up and swap the food over a few days. Also, make sure that the Rescue give you the medical info so that you know that your foster is up to date with jabs, flea treatment/worming treatment and other any medication that might be needed. Check that the foster is chipped and that you have the chip number written down somewhere just in case. Also, do check with the Rescue that the foster can go for walkies because if he/she hasn't had all the jabs then you might need to wait a little while - you already know about recall so don't let the foster off the lead for at least a few weeks until you know for definite that the recall is set. Finally make sure that the Rescue give you an Emergency 24 hour contact number just in case - you probably won't need it though.


WonderIfThingsWillChange Wed 23-Apr-14 21:12:40

Thanks moosemama! I also have a Spoilsport husband who has finally agreed to let me foster but is adamant that we shouldn't have 2 dogs, I'm hoping he will change his mind! This one sounds a darling, walks nicely on lead, non destructive, loves people, no possessive signs, he's a home surrender so the rescue have some history. I'm not sure what food he's on at the moment but its a good point, I will ask beforehand and get some ready for him :-)

PootlePosesMa - it's nice to hear positive experiences of fostering! I'm really hopeful things work out but with my track record when I fostered cats I will probably end up being a failed fosterer at some point!! Your lurcher foster puppies are gorgeous! I've got a crate we used for our dog when he first moved in so I can get that put tomorrow and set it up ready, just on case.

Thanks again for the advice, fingers crossed it all works out!!

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