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Vet suggested I should consider having Ddog pts...

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Snowfire Tue 22-Apr-14 22:53:07

Apologies in advance if this doesn't make much sense.
Ddog was diagnosed with mouth cancer almost 18 months ago but has been doing really well, in fact so well I have been pretending to myself that it had stopped growing and Ddog would keep ticking along merrily for years!
Today we went to the vet for a check up and he said that the growth rate has accelerated and he will soon reach the point where he is in significant pain and won't be able to eat and drink.
He's laid next to me now snoring and I can't sleep worrying that I won't have him for much longer sad

chocolatespiders Tue 22-Apr-14 22:56:24

Arh Snow.. what kind of dog is he and how old?

I dont have a dog but can relate to how you must be feeling - my 20 year old cat is curled up in a grey fluffy ball next to me. I have had her since she was 7 weeks and can not imagine her being around sad

hellymelly Tue 22-Apr-14 22:58:24

Oh I am so sorry. My only advice would be that while he is happy and fine then having him pts seems a bit premature. I imagine you will know it is time when he doesn't want to drink, and seems uncomfortable generally. Can the vet do anything to make him more comfortable while he is still alive?

Snowfire Tue 22-Apr-14 23:02:34

he's 14 and a yorkie x westie. I've had him since he was 8 weeks & I was young free and single so he's like my first born. Can't imagine life without him...

Snowfire Tue 22-Apr-14 23:06:42

Thanks helly, he's been on metacam daily for ages and I have tramadol for if he seems distressed. The vet said there was no urgency but wanted me to think about it as he thinks Ddog will be in difficulty in the next fee weeks. I don't want him to suffer.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 22-Apr-14 23:24:16

But surely you'll notice yourself if he goes off his food and doesn't seem himself, long before it gets painful? <clutching at straws>

So sorry. What an awful time. sad

Owllady Wed 23-Apr-14 10:58:22

It's bloody hard, I'm so sorry x

SpicyPear Wed 23-Apr-14 11:04:53

I know it's heartbreaking but I think the vet is doing the right thing preparing you that it is coming. Better a week too soon than a day too late is the saying. You will know in your heart when is the right time and be brave for them

AlpacaLypse Wed 23-Apr-14 11:12:47

I've taken ddogs on the last journey three times now, it's heartbreaking, but it's also swift and painless. Each time ddog was in my arms, our vet was so gentle and soft, I truly don't think ddogs knew that anything sad was happening at all. We all cried for days and days afterwards, but we'd have done that whether we took charge of the situation or allowed nature to take its course. And letting nature take its course would have been painful for ddogs and distressing for us to see and be unable to help.

UnMNetty hugs.

RandallFloyd Wed 23-Apr-14 11:14:24

I'm so sorry.

The reason the vets have to say that kind of thing is because as loving owners it's so easy to not see what you don't want to see.

Animals hide their pain and distress very well, simply because they don't have the capacity for 'wallowing' or 'complaining' like we humans do.

He many times do you hear people say 'his nose is still wet' or 'he's still eating' or 'he still chases his ball' as proof that their animal isn't suffering?

I'm not saying you are one of those people of course, but the vet can't know that for sure so he's doing the right thing by gently preparing you and making you aware of what is going to happen. If the growth rate has escalated he may well go downhill quicker than you think so it's best you are fully informed.

Enjoy every last minute you have with him, you've obviously had a lovely life together. thanks for you.

Snowfire Wed 23-Apr-14 22:00:16

Thank you all for being honest with me, it's so hard thinking that I won't have him for much longer but I really don't want to have to see him suffering. I've been at work today (trying not to blub) and Ddog has been OK at my mums, no worse than usual but he is drooling quite badly (for a non drooly dog) and wasn't interested in going for a walk this evening.
Dd (12) has been quite upset but seems to be realistic about it all. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and arrange to do it on Friday evening. I'm going to take him to the beach for a nice walk and give him venison for dinner before we go. I know it's going to tear me apart but I have to do what's best for him.

RandallFloyd Wed 23-Apr-14 22:15:27

A walk on the beach and our favourite meal.
Would that all of us could spend our last day like that.


SnakeyMcBadass Thu 24-Apr-14 17:24:08

As heartbreaking as it is, Snow, how lucky he is to have such a loving owner. It's the last great act of love, to let them go peacefully and without suffering or drama. He'll just drift to sleep, totally unaware what is happening. It will be so tough sad But, you will get past the pain and be glad that you loved him well to the end and made sure his exit was as dignified as his life. Letting go is the hardest thing, but you will always have a lifetime of memories and the knowledge that he was taken care of to the very last. That is a comfort x

saintmerryweather Thu 24-Apr-14 17:31:24

You are doing the best thing for your precious dog, he is starting to show signs of being uncomfortable now. You are doing the best thing for him and althpugh it is devastating to lose an animal you have the chance to spoil him absolutely rotten and to make his last days as happy as you can. Strength to you op x

chocolatespiders Thu 24-Apr-14 17:58:35

Thinking of you.. You are doing the best thing for your precious dog as much as it hurts you. You will always have the memories.

Owllady Thu 24-Apr-14 17:59:03

It is what all us responsible dog owners do sad I'm so sorry though x x x
What a lovely last day he will have x

Snowfire Fri 25-Apr-14 14:09:41

I called the vet yesterday to make the appointment but our usual vets is only working until lunchtime today. I don't want a different vet to do it and as I was working yesterday, I want to have our nice day today. My dad has been over to help me dig a hole sad and were going to the beach when Dd gets home from school.
We have the late appointment with our vet tomorrow evening so it should be quieter. My plan is to bring him home on my lap in his fave blanket and bury him in that. I've got a small magnolia tree in a pot that I've been meaning to plant for years. It's currently in flower so that will be perfect to go over him.

coffeeinbed Fri 25-Apr-14 14:12:42

Sorry about your dog, Snowfire.
It has to be done, but it's heartbreaking.

hellymelly Fri 25-Apr-14 14:53:49

Oh snowfire I am so sorry. It is truly heartbreaking losing a dog. My last dog died two years ago and although I got a new puppy in January I still miss both my old dogs. Sending a virtual hug to you.

Owllady Fri 25-Apr-14 15:29:26

I'm sorry too. He will have a place in your heart forever and people who don't understand that have never had a dog sadx

needastrongone Fri 25-Apr-14 15:37:25

I am sorry too sad

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Fri 25-Apr-14 17:55:29

So sorry Snowfire. You're very brave and you're doing the kindest thing. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. And a magnolia is lovely. thanks

AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Apr-14 15:37:57

Thinking of you and your family and ddog today. flowers

chocolatespiders Sat 26-Apr-14 20:06:25

Thinking of you snow wine cake

Snowfire Sun 27-Apr-14 10:28:27

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. Ddog passed away very peacefully yesterday evening. Feeling very sad today and the house seems really empty but I know it was the right thing to do.

We had our nice walk on Friday and he seemed to enjoy himself so had a last happy memory. Yesterday he had lots of cuddles and slept in front of the fire while the rain poured down outside. The sun popped out briefly so we could go for our last little walk before we went to the vets and everything went really well for him. Dd said her last goodbye to him and we buried him in the garden as the rain fell adding a feeling of pathetic fallacy to the occasion.

So now he is resting under his magnolia tree. Dd had the idea of putting his collar around one of the branches so that will always be a reminder of him.

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