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Seriously considering a miniature schnauzer, looking for advice please.

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ophiotaurus Tue 22-Apr-14 17:47:54

After quite a bit of research on here and on other dog forums, I am very keen on finding out more about the suitability of a miniature schnauzer puppy for our family.

I have had family dogs but never one of my own. My DCs are 4 and 6. One is at full time school and the other is on half days at school nursery.

I am a SAHM so will be in all day to look after the puppy/available for walks etc.

I was going to wait until both DC are in full days of school as I think this is more fair on the puppy.

Or would it be manageable to get one at this age?

Also if anyone who has experience with miniature schnauzers has any advice on the breed it would be much appreciated.

Also, is it a better idea to get a puppy at the beginning of the summer holidays so I don't have to leave him/her for the school run (I live 5 mins from school) or can you leave a puppy for 15mins to do the school run?

I'm reading up on training and also found some great books to get going with that were recommended here (Perfect Puppy and The Culture Clash).

Any further opinions would be very much appreciated.

ophiotaurus Wed 23-Apr-14 17:20:39

Thanks tabulahrasa that's good to know.

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