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would this be mad?

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YoniMatopoeia Sat 19-Apr-14 10:56:52

We have a bc who is retired from working, trailing (he was multi times champion) abd studding. He is very well behaved (obviously), but has no real iadea about playing, balls, etc. He is good with other dogs, in that he mostly ignores them, and he prefers female dogs. Hehas come out of his serious shell at the ILs with their digs, and almost became playful. He loves to watch our rabbits and is fascinated by cats, though he doesn't chase them.

We both work, but have an au pair home all day . Dh is also home most lunch times.

There is a rescue that has some female lurcher pups. Would we be mad to see if we could get one? How soon can they be spayed? (our dog is entire)

mogsandrovers Sat 19-Apr-14 17:50:09

do it.

it is soooo rewarding having 2 dogs.

best to make sure they are opposite sex and carefully introduced

the pup will copy your dogs behaviour so make sure your dog is well trained

and enjoy


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