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does this sound dodgy to you?

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LEMmingaround Sat 19-Apr-14 10:17:34

This isn't asking for advice as to whether to buy this dog - i wouldn't be interested anyway as it is a girl and i don't actually want a puppy (want an older rescue dog, at some point but not ready yet, have two dogs already). I was really just browsing around looking for chihuahua rescue to assess he possibility of getting a rescue.

Anyway - i found a bitch on "little dog rescue" website - i seems like a genuine site but rather than a rescue per se it seems to be an outlet for other rescues if you see what i mean.

So there was a chihuahua puppy advertised for £100, twelve weeks old - yeah, well already suspicious but curious, i emailed them and asked if the price was correct. I got the following email in return

*Thanks very much for your interest in my precious puppy. Her name is Dolly. She is exceptionally beautiful, exquisite little puppy! ,She prance around when she gets excited and think all the toys belong to her ! Dolly is very friendly and sociable. Love playing with Kids, Dogs, and other home pets. She is 12 weeks old , very happy and like to give kisses and cuddle. Dolly is so cute. She is 100% purebred puppy, you will see it right away, perfect markings with perfect coat.
Dolly will be accompanied with registration documents, a one year health warranty, vet check-up, food for a week, wee-wee pads, a clean towel and the puppy's favorite toys, vet health examination, all you need for your new baby. She is up to date on her shots and have been dewormed. I will like to know the following from you:
Do you have kids?
Have you ever raised (Owned) a puppy before?
Do you Own Other Pets?
How is your Working Schedule?
where are you located?
Any additional information will be appreciated.

I will be happy to get this details from you so that it can guard me in knowing the type of home she will be going into , It will also help me in making manual to guard you on basics of taking care of the puppy, I love her so much and want to make sure she goes to a family that will provide her the affection she deserves. Thanks and waiting to read from you soon.*

My spidey senses might be waaaaaaayyy off but this is a scam isn't it? Its all too good be true but not quite right iyswim. I am sure i have seen somewhere that dogs are being illegally imported and then sold on as purebred in this country but can' remember where i saw this. The only thing that doesn't fit that scenario is the price tag of £100. notice that isn't mentioned in the email but i definately enquired as to why the dog was so cheap. The picture of the dog on the rescue looks right for a chihuahua but not a 12 week old dog.

Should i report this to someone, and if so, who?

LEMmingaround Sat 19-Apr-14 10:24:21

Having just looked this up again, this dog was NOT from "littledogrescue" but from a site called Pets4Homes.

LEMmingaround Sat 19-Apr-14 10:54:29

Any thoughts? I actually emailed her back (curiosity has well and truly got this cat) and said could she provide me with details of the vet that performed the vet checks and vaccinations - I am not expecting a reply smile

starshaker Sat 19-Apr-14 10:57:04

They will oraganise it send picsw etc then they will tell you she is abroad and you just need to pay transport fees etc. There is no puppy

MadamBatShit Sat 19-Apr-14 10:59:20

what star says

MadamBatShit Sat 19-Apr-14 11:00:23

gah! just one ^ as an arrow obvs

No puppy, scam.

starshaker Sat 19-Apr-14 11:00:35

This was what i got for a bulldog pup (i was sure it was a scam and wanted to make sure as a freind wanted 1)

Hello my friend,
Thanks for your interest in my lovely puppies . They are still
available to any family prepared to provide them with enough care and
love, i need a home where they will be well spoil with all their
needs. They are;
- 2 male and a female, 2 month old,
- champion bloodline,
- registered A KC, and vet check,
They are also up to date on all their shots, Well-tamed , potty
trained , good associates of kids and other house hold pets. They are
very Energetic and eager to learn. They are intelligent, independent
and courageous. Quick to determine where they fit in a household's
"pack." Good
companionship and friendly towards new people.
They will be coming with playing toys, crates, food samples, and some
cloths, health document ,pedigree and all necessary papers.Please, I
will like to know a few things about you and your environment;

-Are you familiar with English Bulldog puppies ?
-Do you have kids? Will they be loving to them?
-Do you have a vet doctor?
-Where exactly are you located?
-How soon do you need the babies?
-How many of them do you need?
-Where are you located?

You will be having them home as soon as we can sort everything out.All
I need is a capable and competent person to take care of them.This is
so because my present job schedule does not permit me to take care of
them the way they ought to. I am not selling them since I value them
as my own children. Children should not be sold. Hence, what I am
asking for is just
your assurance to give them the best. Get back to me with answers to my

starshaker Sat 19-Apr-14 11:01:11

Hello my dear,

I am so happy and want to thank you for the interest you have shown towards my puppies. I hope that my puppy will be going to a great home because my main priority is to get the best place where they will find peace, love and attention, i am located in France, but there is no problem in me sending you the puppy home to your location, through pet delivering agency, I am ready to send the puppy over to you today, as i told you i give the puppies out for free, all you will have to pay will be for the puppy transportation fee(flight ticket) to the pet agency so that the puppy will be delivered to you at home. The cost is £190 with all needed facilities, the flight will take the puppy only 3 hours to be home, So my dear, in order to make a successful delivery to your location , I will like you to get back to me with the following details that will be needed to make the flight registration so that the puppy shall be deliver to your home without any problem ;

Your full names.............................
house address..................................
Postal/zip code.................................
Contact numbers............................
Name of the airport closest to you...

I will start necessary arrangements and get everything together including the puppy toys , crate and other accessories, and you will be alerted on the method of payments by the Pets Transportation Agency which will take care of the delivery of the puppy to your house address , you will have all the delivery details status schedule once i register the puppy at the airport, The puppy will be coming with the following:

(1) A 200 series travel kennel (29" L x 19"Wx18"H),Travel approved.
(2) Health certificate and avid micro-chip form...
(3) Updated and current shot and worming records.
(4) 32 Oz. Water bottle this puppy will be accompanied with a Health Guarantee
(5) One Hereditary Congenital Defect Guarantee health license are available
(6) pedigree certificate.

I will be looking forward to read from you as to know the next step to be taken.

LEMmingaround Sat 19-Apr-14 11:11:58

Yes, that would be about right - i thought dodgy puppy, possibly stolen, dp thought as you have - no puppy! Will report to website i think.

Pumpkinette Sat 19-Apr-14 12:17:20

Probably a scam. I would be wary of buying a dog over the Internet anyway - far too many reports of puppy's dying a few days after they are bought.

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