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What on earth is wrong with my dog?

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amatuermummy Thu 24-Apr-14 12:00:34

We had this issue with our old dog, he used to wake himself up doing this and sometimes would attack our other dog. He would appear to wake up half way through and looked disorientated. We were advised to change his food as he was on a high protein complete food so we changed him to a dry complete food which was 'light' and low in protein. The problem completely stopped. What does he eat?

schoolnurse Sun 20-Apr-14 08:10:07

Is it an anxiety related problem? He doesn't come across as an anxious dog. In fact he's ridiculously cheerful all the time when awake. And why only at night?
I thought about mice but there are no dropping etc and we have a very lethal young cat in the house.
Really weirdly he didn't do it at all last night that's the first time in three weeks.

MrsRTea Sun 20-Apr-14 00:19:37

affafantoosh Sun 20-Apr-14 00:11:43

Vet check. If all OK get an Adaptil collar. I've had really good success with nighttime problems using these.

mogsandrovers Sat 19-Apr-14 17:44:06

do you have mice?

perhaps theres mice in your kitchen?

MrsRTea Sat 19-Apr-14 12:42:45

Couple more suggestions:

see the vet

try DAP spray (calming)

try a crate for that dog to sleep in alone

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 19-Apr-14 10:13:24

My dog barks, whimpers, runs and twitches in hie sleep. You can see it is in REM sleep as his eyes are flicking.

schoolnurse Sat 19-Apr-14 08:51:14

Every night last night about 10 times. The growling/snarling is really loud then about 10-15 barks which are much louder than he ever does in the day time. He barks so little in the day time, as I said if someone he doesn't know comes to the door he might bark once or twice copying his friend or next doors dog is barking and my other dog copies then again once or twice, his bark has a much higher pitch but is quieter in the day!
We have a summerhouse/shed/store room in my garden my DH suggests we put them in there at night so we're not disturbed. It's not really what I want to do but am getting desperate.

AlpacaLypse Sat 19-Apr-14 05:01:00

Well I've been known to sleep walk and talk, and I've seen dogs clearly doing similar, so I think you've already diagnosed your problem.

I'm not sure how you can prevent it though. Is he now doing it every single night?

MrsRTea Sat 19-Apr-14 04:28:16

Ours only barks in his sleep (in a very muffled way) when he has spent the day barking a lot. Not sure if that helps you! But if our dog started loud barking in the night, I would be completely stopping him from barking in the daytime. Another thought is that ours sleeps in a much much heavier sleep at night than during the day. So yours is presumably barking during heavy sleep, not lighter daytime sleep. Just guessing, though. Other more experienced dog owners will be able to help more!

Fellow insomniac here. smile

schoolnurse Sat 19-Apr-14 03:51:48

Back ground: I own two happy well behaved well socialised unneutered small male dogs, this is not just my opinion but everyone who meets them including the vet. Both have come from reputable breeders are well socialised and health screened both have been given a clean bill of health by the vet. They are walked at least an hour a day, fed two meals a day (dry food). Dog A is nearly 10, dog B is just over 2 dog B has been with us and dog A since he was 8 weeks old they are always together and appear very happy in each other's company. Neither bark very much even if a stranger comes in the house, if they do bark dog A would bark say 10-15 times, dog B only because dog A is barking he'll bark twice. My neighbour has a dog, if they are in the garden and my neighbours dog barks they will bark 3-4 times. Dog A never growls I've only heard dog B growl twice in the day time, once he'd found a revolting dead rabbit and dog A thought he might like to share it and on Sundays they always get the scraps from Sunday lunch and once the cat thought she might like some. The two dogs and cat frequently sleep together on the sofa.
About a year ago Dog B would occasionally growl and bark in the night it always wakes me up, (they sleep downstairs in my large kitchen kept in by a stair gate). Initially I thought he could hear something outside (we're rural) and then I wondered if he was growling at dog A because he wanted his bed they have one each or occasionally one raided the bin and I thought he was protecting a wrapper he'd stolen so I ignored it. About three weeks ago the problem worsened he now growls/snarls very loudly and barks (5-6 loud barks) in the night about 15 times, but much to my surprise I've discovered he's not awake but flat out in his bed fast to sleep. The big problem is I'm an incredibly light sleeper and an insomniac and I have not slept properly now for a three weeks so it's beginning to drive me mad! I've tried ear plugs but it doesn't help. I've spoken to other friends with dogs they think their dogs dream they wimper or occasionally bark in their sleep but nothing like this. He never does it when he's asleep in the day time.
Why on earth is he doing this?
What can I do about it?

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