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Advice please for puppy-sitter!

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tak1ngchances Fri 18-Apr-14 08:36:27

I am always lurking on the Doghouse boards although I don't have a dog...just would love one and feel I can learn a lot here for when that day comes.

Now I have a doggy dilemma of my own!

This weekend we are puppy-sitting the most gorgeous working cocker spaniel. He is 9 months old and very boisterous. He has good recall and knows basic commands like sit and stay, but he is generally into everything and can't sit still for 10 seconds. If you even look at him he gets all excited and squirmy.
While he is with us, puppy is getting 2x2 hour walks per day to keep him entertained and has a host of toys and love smile while maintaining the rules (no jumping up, no sitting on furniture etc).

Anyway. The dilemmas are as follows:
1) we are taking him to PIL for Easter weekend. They have a very large garden and are doggy people. However they also have a lovely ancient old border collie (16 yrs approx) who is not overly keen on bouncy youngsters, especially in his garden. Our plan is to keep puppy in the side garden so he doesn't bother the collie too much. How should we introduce them? Keep puppy on the lead? Can we walk them together? My overall aim is not to stress the collie.

2) Sunday we are going for lunch at my sister's house. She lives in quite a big house with massive walled 120ft long garden. We had planned on putting the puppy out there with some toys while we have lunch but now I've seen the forecast is for heavy rain.
Would the puppy be better off in the shed? DSis has made it clear that he is very welcome for the day but he is not allowed in the house when we are eating (she is not really a doggy person,very house proud and has a 20 month old daughter who will not eat if she can see a puppy).

These are probably ridiculous questions but I know I'm asking the experts and hope you don't mind.

TIA thanks

Gooner123 Fri 18-Apr-14 09:05:21

Hi there,it would be best for the two dogs to meet up on neutral ground,doesn't have to be far,if there isn't a local park then meet them a few streets away & walk back together on leads
4 hrs a day walking for a 9mth old puppy does seem a bit excessive imo.
Not sure what to say about Sunday,but good luck.

tak1ngchances Tue 22-Apr-14 11:50:57

Thanks Gooner! Just to let you know how things went:
1) the border collie put him right in his place from the beginning and then just sort of ignored him. So they didn't bother each other at all.

2) we left the puppy with PILs while we went to my sister's house for dinner. So that issue was averted.

Overall we had such a lovely time. He was the sweetest little thing and I miss him soooo much. Nearly cried this morning when his owners came to pick him up.

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