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RSPCA or am I fussing?

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BeeKayP Thu 17-Apr-14 12:35:51

Hi everyone.
In haste I just posted this on the Pets page before seeing this group so I hope it's ok to post here too!

So I live behind one of the Oxford college sport recreation grounds. Everyday I hear the guy who owns the field screaming and shouting at his dog. I think he lives very close by too. Everything he says to the poor thing is so aggressive. This morning I heard "WILLOW! For fucks sake willow get here now!!" I don't often hear him swear, it's usually just "Willow come here!!" etc but the tone really is horrible. My two young DCs are often quite scared by it and I've been taken aback too (he's often out there at 6am and I wake up to his shouting.)
He seems very angry in general.. Like a few days ago he was cleaning out the lawn mower and basically shouting and kicking an inanimate object... I've never seen him hit or physically harm the dog in anyway but it's just constants verbal abuse.

Is this something to contact animal services on? Or should I butt out?

beenontheotherside1 Thu 17-Apr-14 12:38:41

well, he may be aggressive but if there is no physical abuse to the dog the RSPCA are unlikely to take it seriously tbh. After all, the dog doesn't understand...

BeeKayP Thu 17-Apr-14 12:59:51

thanks beenontheotherside1. I've never owned a dog, or any pets for that matter! So am a bit naive and clueless to it all.
Id have thought though that a dog would understand tone though? Or do they just not comprehend happy/angry/aggressive?

Ohbyethen Thu 17-Apr-14 13:42:34

They do to an extent but, depending on the dog, you generally find they become used to loudness and shouting.
My oldest dog has been with me since 5 months, I don't shout - if she was shouted at or rebuked aggressively she would crumble into passivity and shake.
My youngest I've only had a year, arrived at 2.5 from a very shouty house - to the point she doesn't know 'get down' or 'bed' but responds to 'Fuck off' - she doesn't blink an eye at shouting, at didn't respond at all. In order to get her attention or try & recall her previous owner had to continually raise the stakes in terms of volume & aggressive tones in order for her to realize he meant it or she needed to pay attention.
It sounds like he has to continually raise the stakes because his dog tunes him out.
Unfortunately the RSPCA is highly unlikely to do anything about it.
It's sad to see but horribly common.

Owllady Thu 17-Apr-14 17:52:49

My neighbour is the same, he regularly calls his dog a bastard at high volume and then they wonder why it keeps running off <rolls eyes>

Lara2 Sat 19-Apr-14 11:05:07

It always amazes me that owners are surprised that a dog won't come back when their tone is angry and aggressive. If you shouted at me like that I'd bugger off too!

Selks Sat 19-Apr-14 11:07:31

The RSPCA would think you were crazy for calling them about someone swearing at their dog....they barely respond for serious welfare concerns.

mogsandrovers Sat 19-Apr-14 17:48:35

unfortunately there are many unsavoury dog owners out there...this is normal ish behaviour in a lot of places. at least he is walking the dog to be honest

people are so cruel to dogs

thank the Lord Willow isnt a child - i hear people shout the same at their kids

if you know where he lives - have the rspca go pay him a vist

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