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Help me be less nervous of dogs

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Brittapieandchips Thu 17-Apr-14 09:54:30

First off, I have a lot of anxieties, my brain has a few weirdnesses going on. So sorry if I sound odd :-)

Ok. Newish DP has dogs. I say newish, we've been together six months and it's looking fairly serious. We tend to be at my house, though, so I've only actually met the dogs four or five times.

I'm pretty scared of them. They live in the kitchen, but when I first go in they get all excited and kind of jump up at me and be all alarming. They (and I) calm down eventually, but I'm still nervous of them the entire time and it makes me reluctant to visit.

DP (obviously) lives the dogs to bits (he lets them lick his face!) and I really want to be less nervous, especially now my kids are wanting to play with the dogs.

Any tips?

Brittapieandchips Thu 17-Apr-14 10:01:53

Apparently one is a staffy Alsatian cross and the other is a bichon frise. The first one is better trained (she actually belongs to DP and has been trained by him) but she is also bigger. The little one belongs to his mum, who he lives with, and sometimes another one like it visits (belonging to his sister)

hotfuzzra Thu 17-Apr-14 16:13:25

They are responding to your nervous energy maybe?
I have a dog gate that separates them when they have to meet new people. If they jump up on the dog gate I make them go away (or the visitor back off a little) and they don't get attention or strokes until they are sat down calmly.

If your partner won't install a dog gate (tenner off ebay!) totally ignore them, turn away from them, and don't reward them until they are calm. They will soon learn.
Also ask partner to stop letting him jump up on him, which he obviously does.

hotfuzzra Thu 17-Apr-14 16:15:56

Have you heard of clicker training?
There's a little plastic box with a shaped metal piece inside it, and when you press down on it it clicks.
Well you could have one of these, or any noise making device, or even make a tut noise.
When they are calm and good, make the noise, throw a treat to them.
When you walk in and they stay seated, make the noise, give a treat.
Then when you walk in they soon learn to sit down and wait for a treat.
Good luck, and don't be nervous - they're trying to say hi! just a little too excitedly!

tabulahrasa Thu 17-Apr-14 16:43:25

Dogs are a bit like toddlers really, ignore unwanted behaviour praise good behaviour...when they jump all over you like that, it's just friendly attention seeking.

Completely ignore them, don't look at them, don't speak to them until they're nice and still, then make a fuss of them and stop go do whatever it is you'd do, sit down or whatever.

mogsandrovers Sat 19-Apr-14 17:57:17

hi - i have a staffy and a German shep

staffys are generally jumpy and exciteable at meeting new faces...they are such loving dogs and great with kids - no matter what stories your read in the press

have you tried sitting on the sofa watching tv with the dogs curled on your lap?

they are very cuddly

they will feed off your nervous energy so try and be calm. if they are jumping - dont give any eye contact or response until they settle. t hey will get the message

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