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Should we rehome our dogs?

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JessMcL Wed 16-Apr-14 15:06:57

Due to an unforseen change in circumstances- i'm having to return to work. I'm pissed off in many ways- but also wondering what on earth to do with our dogs??

We have 3- Rottweiler, Labrador and a Spaniel. All get on famously and adore each other. We have a very large pen out of the back- a big shed type kennel with beds for all them, it's heated in the winter/kept cool in the summer and they have lots of room to run about. It's rarely used at the mo- they are family pets (so kept indoors) and it was really built for if we all nip out for dinner, to the shops etc and not built in mind that they might be left there all day (although they are more than happy to go in there- in fact they often go and sleep in there when we leave the gates open)

Question is- would it be cruel to leave them there all day? I'm not sure, hubby said I need to stop being ridiclious- that they have each other for company, lots of toys and food, kept warm cold etc and that we can look into getting a dog walker for an hours walk each day. I'll be out for about 9 hours a day.

I'm fortunate that I have someone who will take all 3 dogs in ASAP so we just really need to make a decision.


YoureBeingASillyBilly Wed 16-Apr-14 15:09:45

Rehoming wouldnt have been my first thought. Ha you considered a dog walker at all?

AdoraBell Wed 16-Apr-14 15:16:36

Could you get a dog walker to do 2 walks, or would DH be able to do 1? Will you have time/energy when you get in to walk them?

I'd say they should be fine as long they get walked and get attention when you are home. Can't imagine them being rehomed together and I think what your DH is propossing would be better than splitting them up.

Why don't you look into dog walkers and try it for a couple of months. Could be your pissed off-ness about the job situation is leaking into the dog situation. Good luck with it all.

Owllady Wed 16-Apr-14 16:21:10

I would have thought that's fine with a dog walker too

SpicyPear Fri 18-Apr-14 19:35:49

My main concern with that set up would be theft. Pet theft from gardens and outdoor kennels has risen dramatically and they are the kinds of breeds that are often targeted. How secure is there run? Is there a reason why they can't be left in the house when you are out?

mogsandrovers Sat 19-Apr-14 17:53:45

hi - you havent stated how long your working day is?

i am a dog walker and you will be surprised how many people leave their dogs for long hours

your outdoor kennel sounds amazing - my parents kennel their dogs during the working day - i see no harm in this. as long as the dogs know the routine.

a word of warning - make sure it is secure due to the high rate of dogs thefts in the UK right now - i would even suggest CCTV

dont rehome your dogs
could you live with that decision?

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