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A dog I want to keep is spending the day with us tomorrow

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Ephedra Sun 30-Mar-14 11:52:39

He is a 3 yo lab who is been fostered by a friend. I really like him, so we are seeing what he is like at home with our collie (they have met dozens of times).

The lab needs a new home but it is important that its the right home. What things do I need to look our for while he is here? I have lots of experience with multiple dogs but not at home. I've never owned more than one dog at once and want to make sure the lab is the right dog for us.

Look up the signs of nervousness (lip licking is the only one I can remember) and look for those.

It might be worth looking at the RSPCA or Dogs Trust sites, to see if they have advice about introducing another dog to the family.

We did this with ddog1, and the new dog from Dogs' Trust we wanted to adopt - they met at the rehoming centre, and spent maybe an hour together, whilst we stood back and let them get on with it (that was the advice of the Dogs' Trust behavioural expert who observed the meeting with us, and who would have been the one who said 'No' to the adoption if it hadn't gone well).

Good luck with this - I am so jealous of anyone who has a labrador coming into their family - they are lovely, lovely dogs - ddog1 is a brown lab, and ddog2 (the rescue) is a labrador-pointer cross (pointador, we call her). They have settled down really well together.

Ephedra Sun 30-Mar-14 12:29:50

Thanks SDTG, my collie and the lab have spent lots of time together (whole days), they get on ok. They mostly ignore each other but have been known to play together.

I'm more concerned about having two dogs. My collie is well trained, knows all the house rules and doesn't chew or nick food. I can't say the same for the lab! Tomorrow is a test for me as well as the lab. Plus I want to see my collie and the lab interacting on the collies territory, my collie is to busy when out and about to bother with a fat lazy lab!

The good thing about labs is that they are very food motivated, and that does make them easy to train. But you do have to watch for counter surfing and food thievery.

Ephedra Sun 30-Mar-14 12:57:54

He is currently going to training classes at his foster home, he is learning quickly and has such potential. AFAIK he has not counter surfed yet but I watched him eat his breakfast last week and it took him about 2 seconds! My collie eats slowly and carefully and we can leave food anywhere and he will ignore it. If we do keep the lab I think we may have to change our habits a bit.

minsmum Sun 30-Mar-14 13:06:03

You might want to feed them separately because if the lab eats quickly it might try to steal your collies food and that could lead to trouble

Ephedra Sun 30-Mar-14 13:13:42

Thanks minsmum I will do that if we keep the lab, as he is only coming for the day tomorrow I won't need to feed him.

Do you have any advice about giving chews or using treat balls with 2 dogs? My friend has 3 dogs + the lab and has no issues but my collie has never noticed the food there so I'm not sure how he would react (he has no problems when being trained with other dogs).

hennipenni Mon 31-Mar-14 09:49:49

we have 2 dogs, a nearly 2 yr old cocker and a 1 yr old rescue lab, our lab hoovers up food in 0.2 secs, solved by scattering her food in the garden, we also bought a gadget that you put her food on and she takes about 15mins with this, since having the lab our cocker has speeded up his eating which works to our advantage. With regards treat balls/ treats/ chews etc we separate both dogs in different rooms which works well for us.

Ephedra Mon 31-Mar-14 11:52:24

Well the lab is here and has been for about 40 minutes. He looked about a bit then went to sleep. The only down side so far is his wind!

My collie is a bit confused and doesn't know what to make of the smelly, farting dog asleep on the floor. The collie also had to tell the lab off twice on the walk which was fun.

Ohhh yes - the toxic farting! Our lab does farts that can clear a room! I hope the rest of the day goes well.

Ephedra Mon 31-Mar-14 13:13:01

The whole house stinks! He is farting all time.

The lab is still sleeping, my poor collie isn't as he is just watching the lab.

Onwhitehorses Mon 31-Mar-14 13:15:04

A gradual change to a different food will probably sort out his wind if you decide to keep him. Hope all goes well...

Ephedra Mon 31-Mar-14 13:30:12

I hope so Onwhitehorses as he really really smells.

The lab is now awake but he and my collie have not really interacted.

Ephedra Mon 31-Mar-14 13:38:49

I take that back, they are now playing tug with great big play growls!

Oh, they have just pulled the head off the snake grin

PurpleFrog Mon 31-Mar-14 14:14:00

Toy snake... or pet snake? wink

Ephedra Mon 31-Mar-14 14:21:08

Toy snake from pets at home. As they pulled off the very end of the tail too I have just removed the rope from the middle and given them that.

By them I mean my collie, the lab is asleep (again!) on the chair. My collie has not stopped all day.

Ephedra Tue 01-Apr-14 10:53:34

We took the lab back to his foster home in the car last night and he has no issues in the car at all. In fact he was really good if stinky all day yesterday. If it wasn't for the smell and the fact my collie didn't settle down I would never have known he was here.

He is however, the most boring dog I have ever met! We're not sure we will keep him yet. I need to be able to walk both dogs at once and its unfair on the lab if my collie beats him up on walks. I may borrow him a few more times before I decide.

Vickiyumyum Tue 01-Apr-14 11:00:34

yes id see if you can have him a few more times to get a true picture of his personality. I have a black lab/cross and he does stink, I can't change his food or he will get a really upset stomach. Unfortunately dd1 (8) has developed an allergy to him and has to have an inhaler so w are very very reluctantly returning him to the rescue we got him from as a puppy. He's now 6 sad we're all heartbroken but dd's health needs to come first and she's constantly coughing and wheezing now.

Ephedra Tue 01-Apr-14 11:06:18

Thats very sad Vicki, but you know you are doing the best thing for your dd.

I think the lab stinks because of his food. If we do take him he will have to change food as my collie is allergic to lots of things so its not safe to have 2 different dog foods in the house.

We have different foods for the two dogs, because Coco, the brown lab, has a bit of a tendency to put on weight, so is on light dog food, and Mia, the black lab-pointer cross is a bundle of energy, so needs the normal stuff, so I bought two of the plastic tupperware type things for cereal, and they are labelled for the two dogs - and that seems to work.

But in our experience, the labrador will eat absolutely anything - and most labs have absolutely bombproof digestions, so you shouldn't have any difficulty at all switching him onto the food that best suits your collie.

I must say that our lab is not terribly energetic or playful around the house, though she and Mia do play sometimes, but when they are out walking, they have a great time - sometimes they play together, and sometimes apart, but they definitely enjoy having the company.

Vickiyumyum Tue 01-Apr-14 13:21:48

our lab can only have sainsburys own brand or lidl dog food, anything else and he's allergic to it and upsets him. We've got a date of his Friday for him to go back now. I am dreading telling the dc, even dd will be devastated, she adores him they spend most evenings cuddled up on the floor, despite me telling her not to now she's allergic. She doesn't get a rash just itchy and wheezy.

Shes not allergic to our cairn/westie cross though, who is 7 so that's a plus.

You don't live near Berkshire and fancy another black lab/cross, you sound like a lovely home for a dog. I hope the rescue find our dog a home quickly and one for life.

Ephedra Tue 01-Apr-14 13:31:13

If we keep the lab it will have to have a food that the collie can eat even if its not the same food iyswim. The collie's allergic reaction is potentially fatal so its not worth the risk.

Vicki sorry I don't live near Berkshire. I am sure the rescue will find a lovely home for your dog. DH has asthma and is sometimes affected by dog hair so the dog has been trained not to go upstairs, maybe something like this will help your dd until your lab is rehomed?

Vickiyumyum Tue 01-Apr-14 14:44:57

hes not allowed upstairs, neither is the cairn. The hallway has a door to it, so he can't get to the stairs unless someone leaves the door open. Unfortunately he sheds loads of hair and so it does get trod into the carpeted areas, all hard floors downstairs, but I hoover daily and brought a miele cat and dog. We take him to the groomers for baths and furminator monthly, but its had no effect. I'm sure the rescue will find him a good home.

Your poor collie having a fatal allergy. Hope the lab shows a bit more of his personality on his next visit and he gets along with your resident ddog. grin

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