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How to find a groomer?

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insanityscatching Sun 30-Mar-14 11:18:17

Eric's hair now is ridiculous, he weighs 3.2kg but the volume of his hair makes him look as wide as he is tall. He has a tiny face but the hair makes his head as round as a football. He had his leptospirosis jab last week and the vet advised leaving him two more weeks before he was clipped although agreed he has a ridiculous amount of hair.
How do I find a decent groomers? It will be his first time and so no doubt will be anxious, I'd like to know that he will be treated gently but don't know where to ask. Any tips?

Lilcamper Sun 30-Mar-14 17:18:18

Check out the Pet Professional Guild website. You can do a postcode search on it smile

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 30-Mar-14 19:05:45

Ask friends who have dogs that are groomed. I prefer someone where the dog goes for about three hours so has periods of playtime rather than going for 1 hour solid grooming.

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