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House training not going too well...

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pasanda Wed 26-Mar-14 14:12:38

I have an 11 week old Cavapoo puppy. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old and we have had puppies before so know what to do (or so I thought!!)

He goes out at all the 'right times' - after food, upon waking etc and the children are old enough to do this too (youngest is 6yrs).

The main problem I have is that he doesn't seem keen to go into the garden! He is very little and I know his feet get wet and sometimes he gets cold so trying to coax him to the door is often impossible. Added to this, we have a large kitchen/breakfast room so sometimes when he wakes up he has to 'go' before he reaches the door as it's so far away for him. I have been carrying him to help overcome this problem, but also know that he needs to take himself to the door if he is to recognise this is what is expected of him.

Today, I took him on his first 10 minute walk (we live on a farm in the middle of the countryside so this is just outside our door) which he seemed to tentatively enjoy. He didn't pee or poo during this walk, but instead did a huge wee as soon as he entered the kitchen! Is this because he has only done the business inside (grrr) or in the back garden, so doesn't know he can wee in areas other than this??

We have a puppy pen in the kitchen where he sleeps and where he is when I am on the school runs. He has often tried to pee/poo in here (I think because he has done it in here when he has to go when I am not here, so he thinks this is OK) so I have now taken to shutting the door to this so he can't get in, but also I think maybe he should be allowed to go in here because at least it is in one area. I am going round in circles with this, not knowing what is the best thing to do!!!

I really don't mind putting in the effort - I am at home all day with him and he is rarely left alone, it's just that in 3 weeks I would have hoped to see at least some improvement!

Can anyone help!!??

insanityscatching Wed 26-Mar-14 17:44:59

We have a 13 week old poodle shih tzu cross who is pretty reliable in the house and perfect if I watch him constantly. We have taken him out every thirty minutes initially but now he goes out every hour or two even.He doesn't like the rain and cold either so we say quickly to get it over and done with instead of waiting for him to sniff. He pees and poops on command more or less although he does now bark to be let out as well, the only accidents we have are if I miss his cues.
Could you perhaps increase how many times he goes out each hour?

Aked Wed 26-Mar-14 20:46:31

There is some sound advice on various threads re toilet training, if you have a quick search you might find some new ideas to help. I just wanted to say that most pups are around 6 months old before they crack the house training. Mine certainly was, we still had the odd accident until then even when she was reliably going outside. Also it takes a while for them to realise they can pee when out walking, this too comes with time and plenty of praise!

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