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Stop my kitchen becoming a lake?

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LokiDokey Tue 25-Mar-14 13:26:54

Murphy is a scottie, 5 months old. I'm a SAHM so with him most of the time. From the time we got him I taught him some 'alone time' in the kitchen so he wouldn't howl the house down when we went out and he has, up until now, been really good.
Every day he is left for an hour or so whilst I hoover or clean and so far it's all worked ok. He's left with his Kong or other such toy.

Last week he discovered he could hurl his plastic water bowl around the kitchen. I didn't comment on it when I went in, just cleaned up the mess and didn't acknowledge. This weekend I bought a bloody heavy ceramic water bowl and it seemed to solve the issue.
Left him for his hour this morning whilst I went for a shower. May as well have just stayed in the kitchen because he's somehow managed to lift this ceramic bowl (he must have jaws like, well, Jaws) and flood again. There he was, sat tail wagging, dripping wet in the middle of the mess.

I do have a fountain that belonged to my late westie. DH has suggested that might do the trick but I'm a bit concerned he might bite through the cable (even though it's pretty well hidden away). Any suggestions before I try the fountain? Didn't realise Scotties were water dogs grin

Kitsmummy Tue 25-Mar-14 13:54:05

Oh I'm sorry I know I shouldn't laugh, but this is hilarious! I can only suggest you go even bigger and heavier with the bowl. He's only a Scottie dog so you must be able to beat him with weight!

LokiDokey Tue 25-Mar-14 13:58:02

Oh no kit I was dying to laugh as well when I went in. He's due his first haircut now so there he was, sat in the middle of a flooded floor, completely drenched, curly haired with his tail wagging into the puddle. I didn't wan't to react because he's bloody smart but it was rather difficult.
The dish (the heaviest ceramic I could get in the pet shop) was on it's side. hmm

I've just put said ceramic bowl into a huge casserole dish and weighted both down with water. If he can lift that I'm nominating him for Britain's Strongest dog.

Kitsmummy Tue 25-Mar-14 14:16:37

Good idea, perhaps you can triumph with Le Creuset grin

LokiDokey Tue 25-Mar-14 14:27:01

Now theres an idea, and then when he's grown out of this phase I can have the Le Creuset casserole dish of which I've coveted for years hehe

Like your thinking there kit.

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