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The horror! Inappropriate widdling....

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withextradinosaurs Mon 24-Mar-14 17:55:46

RescueDog has been to the pub quite a few times with no problems.

Tonight he decided the bar would be much improved if he peed on it.

Then when I was apologising and asking for a cloth he ran through to the posh half and did it again.

"He might be better on the lead," they said, very politely, which rather made it worse.

I shall have to leave the village blush

EasyToEatTiger Mon 24-Mar-14 19:46:22

Aaaaarrghhhhh! However embarrassing it is for you, it is worth bearing in mind that another dog has probably done exactly the same in about the same place and your dog is just covering the smell with his smell. Make sure you make it clear to the barman that you are leaving the village because he doesn't clean his pub properly!grin

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