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JR terrier losing weight

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HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 23-Mar-14 18:53:10

My gorgeous 9yr old girl was being sick for a day 2 weeks ago & was very lethargic (until it came to walk time) she went off her food but could be tempted with sausages & chicken. The vet gave her a vitamin B jab, antibiotics & antacids. She is more lively and eating a little more but not anything like her usual self. Took her for blood tests Friday & all clear barring one result we will get tomorrow as their machine was broken.

Her stomach is still hard & swollen but you can see her backbone, I've convinced myself she isn't going to recover & spent all day Saturday in tears fearing the worst. Barring the big C I can't think what else can be wrong?

Owllady Sun 23-Mar-14 19:06:27

They can lose weight with kidney disease, is that what you are waiting for?
Is she on a bland diet?

It's horrible worrying about them whilst you wait for results. I hope it's something treatable or managable. Give her a cuddle x

HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 23-Mar-14 19:30:14

Thank you Owllady, no her kidneys are fine as is her liver. Waiting for the mastology results which is scaring me to death as my corgi died from breast cancer when I was growing up. Fingers crossed whatever the problem is its treatable.

At the moment she is just on chicken & rice which she is thouroughly bored with so she will get whatever she fancies i.e. an odd but if sausage or ham.

HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 23-Mar-14 19:30:53

*bit of...

InpraiseofPolly Sun 23-Mar-14 19:32:42

Fingers crossed that you get a good result.
The worrying and waiting is so horrible.

HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 23-Mar-14 19:34:51

Thank you, tomorrow is going to be a long day. Luckily I can take her into work where she has her bed set up & a great park next door as she still loves her walks.

SweetiePie0 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:40:22

What did the vet say? Is she any better?

HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 27-Apr-14 11:14:10

Sorry I haven't been back to update. I have posted on other boards on here, sadly she was diagnosed with canine lymhoma.

This is our story to date;

My gorgeous girl Indy was diagnosed with Lymphoma after a large tumour was found on her spleen. We received the dreaded phone call saying she may not make it after the splenectomy due to massive blood loss. Thanks to a blood transfusion from the vets own brave doggy she pulled through.

Four weeks on & she has just had her 3rd chemo session & is doing well, lymph glands are down & she is bouncing around like tigger. There is no cure but she could have 6 - 18 months to enjoy life. We only had a shirt time to decide if we wanted to give her chemo or let her go within a few weeks. It was so hard to decide what was best but as dogs don't react as badly as us humans we scraped the money together & she has fought this nasty disease with no side effects to date.

We have created a bucket list for her doing all the things she loves, a visit to the beach, a walk through the woodlands at a certain National Trust property, a new squeaky toy every week (she goes through them in hours)

Today I entered her in the contest for Pets That Make A Home, from Taylor Wimpey. The prize money would be such a help as chemo is very expensive if any of you would be able to vote for Indy she would really appreciate it. A

The photo is what we all say to cancer!

Thank you to all that vote for my girl x

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