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How do you find it with two dogs instead of one?

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Isthatwhatdemonsdo Sat 15-Mar-14 13:13:07

Hi. We have a two year old Golden Retriever/Lab cross. He is the centre if our world. Well behaved, very good recall, loves his ball and the water.

We are getting a Lab bitch in April as DH is quite keen for another dog.
We covered all the bases with our boy regarding toilet training, crating, behaviour etc and it's been a pleasure. I would say we have been very lucky.

I just would like a bit of advice regarding having two dogs. Thanks in advance.

Snugglepiggy Sat 15-Mar-14 13:42:50

If it's been a pleasure with no 1 dog there's no reason why it shouldn't be with no 2 as you sound so well prepared.We love it and over the years have had various combinations - a lab with a border collie/ collie with another lab and then a fantastic rescue dog and it's worked for us.Plus when we have gone out or used a good kennels have felt happier knowing they have each other for company.So much so that we now gave a brother and sister pups - not always easy but luckily our lifestyle enables the hard work of two puppies to train.We chose the little boy first, but within days decided to give a home to his sister because having two dogs in the past has been so enjoyable.if your dog is as lovely natured and socialised as he sounds just look forward to it and enjoy!

needastrongone Sat 15-Mar-14 17:05:20

We are two months into having our second dog, a 16 week old cocker, to compliment our 18 month old springer. It's hard work but great fun and I wouldn't be without two dogs now. Seeing the two of them play together is fantastic, they sleep together and pootle around the garden in each others company.

My hints would have been to ensure your first is well trained, which you have done (!), a crate is good for the puppy, not just for the benefit of the puppy, but to give the older dog some space. And just spend a bit of individual time with the older dog, which doesn't happen as much as it should here. I've used training ddog2 as time just to reinforce the basics with the older dog, and started agility with ddog for something different for him.

We've been lucky so far, our eldest dog is young enough just to accept his new 'brother', and it's all been pretty plain sailing so far, with the caveats that puppies are hard work etc.

We do try to feed seperately, as the puppy has more meals at this stage obviously and ddog1 loves his grub. It just lets both relax and eat. However, bones and kongs are given together, without issue.

Good luck.

CharlesRyder Sat 15-Mar-14 17:08:09

We got hound2 because hound1 had separation anxiety. They adore each other and now at 7 are a real old married couple. It's lovely. Can't think of any negatives other than how much space they take up (point hounds don't fold for storage).

SilverShadows Tue 18-Mar-14 09:38:06

I would protect your older dog from the pup. Our 2nd dog was a real annoying wotsit and stressed out the older dog just with her constant attention seeking. She either wanted to play with him, or sleep in his bed with him, which we thought was adorable but he didn't think so.

Same as needastrongone we ensured they had time away from each other. Morning walks were seperate - DH took D1 on the hills for a run, whilst I practised lead and street walking with the pup. They went to seperate training classes too, on different nights.

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