help, urgent, ddog has eaten a raisin

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ancientbuchanan Fri 14-Mar-14 21:32:12

5 mins ago. Jrt, 1 raisin.

What do we do?

I had never known about this toxicity until our vet told us, and all our previous hounds have hoovered up fruitcake happily, so I am inexperienced.

Advice, please...

D dog has refused a drink..

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hmc Fri 14-Mar-14 22:38:02

You have nothing to worry about with 1 raisin

BehindLockNumberNine Fri 14-Mar-14 22:43:13

1 raisin? Do not worry. 1 raisin will not affect the dog in any way whatsoever!

BehindLockNumberNine Fri 14-Mar-14 22:44:41

You answered your own question. Your previous hounds hovered up fruitcake happily. And survived I presume?

A dog needs to eat a certain percentage of raisins / grapes in relation to bodyweight (don't know values, can be googled) before it is a problem.

Honestly, don' t worry

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:48:24

one raisin wont harm. dont cav once ate pounds of chocolate he was given by a friends dad who worked in a choc factory....
that was a very messy night...

ancientbuchanan Sat 15-Mar-14 18:47:26

Thanks for all of that, the US websites had been scary.

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Aked Sat 15-Mar-14 19:25:10

Unlike chocolate, there isn't a known ratio of dog:grape/raisin that is toxic. Some only need a small handful, some can hoover up a load and never be ill.

Having said that, I am a VN, and if my dog ate one raisin, I wouldn't be worrying. I think you would be VERY unlucky for it to cause any problems.


Twooter Sat 15-Mar-14 22:05:25

Yep, asked has it right. No one knows what in raisins causes problems - whether certain grapes carry a toxin, or whether certain dogs are just extremely susceptible. 1 raisin is extremely unlikely to cause any problems.

TheReluctantCountess Sat 15-Mar-14 22:17:25

Does that mean they shouldn't eat grapes either?

TooOldForGlitter Sat 15-Mar-14 22:24:38

Dogs should not have grapes either. Although if the dog did snaffle just one or two grapes that wouldn't be a problem IME.

mrsjay Sun 16-Mar-14 00:40:34

I nearly phoned the vet when my dog scoffed a grape last year blush he was fine your dog will be fine I think they need to eat loads for it to affect them

ancientbuchanan Sun 16-Mar-14 22:08:41

He's fine. But we are all taking extra care.

On grapes, when we used to live in the Mediterranean, the dogs would scavenge grapes if nothing else was available, off the vines or where they had dropped in the street. So it's obv quite complex.

The US sites are bizarre, eg ratios of 0.3 but terrifyingly small amounts.

So thanks all. Ddog lives to bark another day.

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Capitola Sun 16-Mar-14 22:12:12

One raisin! I wouldn't worry grin

My mil's small jrt ate an entire bunch of grapes recently and a large chocolate cake with no ill effects. (He is a minx)

Hmmkay Sun 16-Mar-14 22:39:41

Our (at the time) 5 month puppy managed to get what I thought was about 10 chocolate raisins couple of months ago and I had to take her to the emergency vet for induced vomiting as she is a small breed and was so young. When she was sick there was actually about 20 and the vet said there was definitely a chance that could have killed her if we didn't take her in.

But I wouldn't worry about 1 raisin though. She said most vets decide whether to bring them in based on the dogs size/weight and the amount they have eaten.

Interestedly she told me that raisins are the worst for dogs and grapes are not good but not as bad as raisins as they are less condensed. And that with chocolate, dark chocolate is the worst and in a small size dog if they had the equivalent of a Freddo frog of dark chocolate they would suggest you bringing them in.

But no, I wouldn't worry about 1 raisin smile

MrRected Sun 16-Mar-14 22:41:02

One raisin? I really, really wouldn't worry.

recall Sun 16-Mar-14 22:47:37

My gorgeous dog Bracken sadly died from eating sultanas BUT she manage to steal and eat most of a 1kg bag.

I'm certain that your dog will be fine having had just the one, before it was common knowledge about the dangers of dogs eating sultanas, I used to give them sultanas as treats and they were fine. I think they have to have a lot to be ill.

MrRected Mon 17-Mar-14 05:26:07

Recall - that is so sad. I am so sorry that you lost your lovely dog.

Twooter Mon 17-Mar-14 06:14:43

1 grape could cause problems, but you'd have to be extremely unlucky.

Sha11278 Wed 04-Sep-19 00:13:06

My 14week old French bull dog eaten three raisins will he be ok

BiteyShark Wed 04-Sep-19 06:06:30

Sha11278 despite what some people have said on this thread dogs have died after eating one grape (was talking about this with a vet at a first aid canine course).

The issue is that you have NO idea whether your dog is one that is affected by grapes or one that isn't unless you have risked it in the past which I don't recommend. Unlike chocolate there is NO magic formula for toxicity (you either are one of the lucky ones whose dog is unaffected or one of the unlucky ones which is).

If you see your dog eating them phone the emergency vets straight away as they can induce vomiting to minimise ANY risk. As yours has eaten them hours ago I would still ring your vets as they will tell you what to look out for in terms of toxicity as symptoms can take a while if I remember from memory to show (I suspect it's too late for vomiting to have any effect).

pigsDOfly Wed 04-Sep-19 12:15:32

Love the way people post with such authority about it being fine because of the ratio of raisins/grapes to body weight and other 'helpful' opinions

As you say Bitey none of that applies to raisins or grapes. And just because their aunty's dog ate 5 packets of raisins and survived doesn't mean that one can't kill someone else's dog.

This is a zombie thread by the way, although always good to repeat this sort of information from time to time.

Elizabethlovejoy Wed 04-Sep-19 13:08:22

My dog last year ate about a third of a bunch of grapes.Luckily I caught him as he was eating.
We took him straight to the vets whose practice is a veterinary hospital and they induced vomiting immediately.We were lucky, he still had a reaction shown in his blood tests and had to stay in on a drip for three nights.He was fifteen months old and is a German Shepherd.As the previous posters have stated, our vets said there is no way of telling how many grapes are toxic.Some react,some don’t but the consequential kidney damage can be fatal.

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