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I know someone who got a dog from the council pound then sold her on pets4homes is this illegal and can i report her to anyone?

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catstolemypants Thu 13-Mar-14 16:11:52

This just isnt on is it? she had to have her dog put down as she didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the op to remove three stones from her gut (dog had eaten them) then she went to the local pound picked up a dog that she then found out was uncontrollable on the lead and messed in the house iv just found out she has sold said dog on pets4homes for £200! and now has taken in a staffy from a 'friend'. I would just like to say she is not my friend but i do know her this all just seems so wrong and irresponsible is there anything i can do?

moosemama Thu 13-Mar-14 17:35:12

Sadly if the dog was from a pound, rather than a genuine rescue with return policy and back-up care then she hasn't done anything illegal. sad

Not sure there is anything you can do really. You could try a chat with the local dog warden and see if they're interested, but I doubt they would be if they don't think the dogs involved are being mistreated or are bothering anyone else.

It's wrong on so many levels, but unfortunately not illegal.


catstolemypants Fri 14-Mar-14 08:34:51

ok thanks, its is just so morally wrong on so many levels all i can hope is that whoever this dog went to treats it with love and give it the time and training it so obviously needs, and that she doesn't do the same with this one sad angry

threestepsforward Tue 25-Mar-14 23:02:48

Apologies for awakening an old thread, but can you just pick up a dog from the pound?

I didn't even know that was possible?

With the horrendous problem of dogs being used for bait in dog-fighting, I'm horrified at the thought you can just go and pick up dogs with no checks ...?

I very recently saw the results of a bull terrier being used as 'bait'. It does happen and it is horrific.

It's one of the things that constantly caused worry in me as the owner of a gentle staffie sad

Please tell me there are more regulations with regard to getting dogs from the pound?

threestepsforward Tue 25-Mar-14 23:03:52

(english bull terrier - who apparently still loved human and dog company in spite of it all...)

TheCunnyFuntIsGettingMarried Wed 26-Mar-14 07:21:18

Yes three, you can. There is a fee to pay but you or I could just waltz straight into a pound, say 'I'd like a dog please' I think you fill out some paperwork somewhere along the line, you get to see the dogs, pick one, pay the fee then take it home there and then. No checks or nothing sad

Owllady Wed 26-Mar-14 09:45:31

I know, I think it's absolutely dreadful

YNK Wed 26-Mar-14 09:51:15

Inform the pound and Pets at home!
Keep an eye on the welfare of the staffy.

threestepsforward Wed 26-Mar-14 11:02:37

I am so shocked shock

Who would you write to about this? I never feel moved to do things like this but this has really upset me. I live in an area where dog fighting is apparently a real problem and I daren't think about what those poor pound dogs might be used for sad

Catstolemypants do you think she's planning to sell on the staffie too?

catstolemypants Thu 27-Mar-14 16:09:31

no she looks to be keeping him but is moving to essex so i will never know. It just sickened me that she irresponsible enough the not have insurance then grieve for the perfectly healthy dog that had to be pts for all of two days then pop to the pound to pick up another only to sell it on angry

catstolemypants Sat 29-Mar-14 07:50:56

quick update apparently her son left the front door open the night she is due to move to essex and oh hum the dog got out!!!! her worrds 'im moving tomorrow if I dont find it it stays here!! oh she's not out looking though! so so mad!!!!!7 Grrrrr!

HolidayCriminal Sat 29-Mar-14 08:13:31

Sounds like the dogs are much better off without her. I think things have turned out pretty well, actually.

threestepsforward Sun 30-Mar-14 00:17:55

catstole that is awful sad

I agree with holiday actually, if the staff has got out, it will be picked up, and if it goes to the pound, hopefully it will be saved by a rescue. Although god knows, all the rescues are saturated...

As a total thread meander, did anyone see Louis Theroux last week about strays in LA? They built a new pound with a capacity for 3,500 dogs (shock). When Louis asked them how much room did they have left, she said, oh no we've got over 4,000 dogs here now... I just can't imagine that many dogs in one kennel facility. They surely can't ever be exercised sad

I'm despairing about dog treatment this week. I've seen and read too many things to make me sad...

Re the rescues, I will be freeing up a vital space in the dorset area when I pick up my new rescue dog tomorrow smile

Please wish me luck for the new arrival tomorrow! I'm a combination of excited + total fear!!

Three x

CatThiefKeith Thu 03-Apr-14 20:01:27

How is the new arrival settling in Three? smile

threestepsforward Fri 04-Apr-14 09:01:15

Hi CatThiefKeith smile

He's wonderful. So cuddly and good natured... We're finding our feet still but he's a fantastic boy and has already charmed everyone!

We called him Truman after much deliberation and it suits him perfectly grin

If you look at this thread there are a few pics of him in the garden!

I'm predicting life after he's off the lead will be a bit of a challenge as he's very easily distracted, but hopefully we'll get there. We're at mum's on sunday who has a garden big enough to run around in so I can't wait to see him out there, and hopefully her saluki x will be up for a game with him smile

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