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Really worried about my dog

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Peanutsandwine Thu 13-Mar-14 06:55:44

15 month old miniature labradoodle, weighs the same as she did at 8 months. Always been fussy about food, but recently have found a food she's been eating properly, plus as she's always looked underweight, we've given her meat as well, and have never been stingy with chicken or steak as treats.

But two things have changed recently. Her energy levels has plummeted. She wouldn't go running with me. And she has had runny poo all week.

Took her to the vet on Tuesday and he has given me tins of high energy food and an appointment on Friday, to which I have to take a poo sample. No temperature.

I think I will phone gets today though :-( I am so very worried about her.

I did give her a worming tablet on Monday (I alternate between panacur and drontal - sorry if that isn't the way those are spelt!) but vet did say that could be a red herring. And she's had those two regularly. I guess the poo sample would pick up if she does have worms...

She is just lying in her crate looking pathetic :-(

Any words of wisdom for worried dog owner?

nuttymutty1 Thu 13-Mar-14 08:33:52

I would go to vets but has she had a season? Some dogs can feel quite rough and be off food etc,

Peanutsandwine Thu 13-Mar-14 08:46:31

Thank you nuttymutty1 I am waiting for the vet to open...

She hasn't had a season and was neutered early. I wonder if that's relevant?

Peanutsandwine Thu 13-Mar-14 11:49:55

Been to vets and they are running blood and poo tests, and have some broad spectrum antibiotics and some paste to help stop the runny poo.
Vet thinks possible liver desease... :-(

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