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Week 2 of having puppy. I need to be out of house for 1.5 hours and haven't left him before - advice please?

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hmc Mon 10-Mar-14 13:21:17

Should I just pop him in his crate with some toys and a kong and go? (or will that scar him for life)

Or shall I take him in the car with me - which will mean him being in the car non stop for 1.5 hours? Would that be kinder?

I haven't left him yet (except at 'night' he probably feels left since he sleeps downstairs - he doesn't know I am upstairs, I guess?)

I'm just how I was with a baby - a bundle of nerves and anxiety about doing the right thing! sad

hmc Mon 10-Mar-14 13:42:32


Sparrowghost Mon 10-Mar-14 13:46:16

I'd take him in the car with me if he's a good traveller. Mine come to work and sit in the car for a couple of hours whilst the cleaners are in, and come to classes and have to take it in turns to wait in the car, so for me, being happy in the car is essential. Are oyu able to check on him during that time?

hmc Mon 10-Mar-14 13:48:34

Yes, I will be in the car with him (I have a complicated set of pick up and drop off arrangements to do after school - drive 10 miles to pick up dd, then drive to her piano teachers and wait outside her house whilst lesson takes place then drive to friends house to collect ds and home)

Snugglepiggy Mon 10-Mar-14 14:28:14

You could take him if you are driving around But tbh we left our pups for about this length of time each morning ,in seperate crates and they settled fine.They had had a good play and were well toileted and each time we came back were still very sleepy,or sat quietly waiting for us.We couldn't have done essential stuff for our business otherwise.A couple of months on we have no problems leaving them ,either together or seperately for an hour or two.They are with us one of us the rest of the day,and gets loads of attention,affection and training time.But having worked with dogs and seen some with terrible separation anxiety I also was keen that they should get used to time out ,and our little girl in particular can be very excitable and is actually a lot better for some quiet time and space in her crate.

hmc Mon 10-Mar-14 16:47:27

Thanks snugglepig - I have taken him and he is currently napping in his travel crate in the boot, but I think I will take the plunge and leave him tomorrow for 1 1/4 hours whilst I do similar after school taxi-ing. I am a SAHM so am there for him the majority of the time and am conscientious about playing with him etc. I would like him to get accustomed to being left for an hour or two - life will be very restricted otherwise!

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