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what do you use to remove dog smell off the sofa

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mouses Mon 10-Mar-14 12:49:54

i have had ddog since last Monday and she came to me a bit pongy! she got pampered and spruced up on sat but still had that 'dog' smell on return.

any way long story short. i havea leather sofa and ddog loves nothing more to doze on it all day but it stinks - even after hovering and disinfecting it. actually it smells like sick and really smelly feet. which is what ddog wiffs of?

i was going to buy ddog her own bed (dog leather sofa style bed) but i think it will be a waste of money as she loves the sofa right next to me?

after a quick google, white vinegar and bicarbonate soda popped up a lot. any one have a success story. or even any advice how to make ddog smell a little better?


ender Mon 10-Mar-14 14:12:07

We've got 2 large dogs, they don't make the sofa smell but it does get dirty. Liquid Soap Flakes works well, good wash and bit of a rinse with a damp cloth and the leather comes up lovely and shiny.

mouses Mon 10-Mar-14 21:03:31

thanks, I will look into every option suggested :-)

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 10-Mar-14 21:06:34

I would get the dog bed and keep her off the sofa tbh.

It's early enough days to do that.

mouses Mon 10-Mar-14 21:27:08

yes i was thinking about it, though she sleeps in the living room at night and will jump up onto the sofa for sure.
she has spent near 5 years sitting / sleeping on sofas (she had a conservatory room where they slept (I think) so its going to be a hard to break the habit?

i m guessing what ever she sleeps on wether it be my sofa, dog sofa or fabric dog cushion/bed. - the room/furniture will still smell? so really i guess its ddog that i need to see to more?

so then i wont be continuously washing dog off the sofa, dog bed etc....
any ideas with this? would diet help? she's on royal canin dry food.

also would washing her feet often be harmful to her paw pads?

vjg13 Tue 11-Mar-14 18:58:18

My lurchers came to live with me when they were 7 and 3 and despite previously sitting on sofas and chairs they quickly got to know the new rules although the younger one was slower to grasp it!

mouses Tue 11-Mar-14 21:18:32

ok so theres hope yet lol

so would you suggest that getting a 'mimic' leather dog sofa would confuse her or would she just get the idea 'that' chairs is hers?

still, i need to get ontop of reducing her odour as what ever she lays on smells! bless she's still perfect wink ..yet smelly lol

GemmaTeller Tue 11-Mar-14 21:28:26

I know what you mean, I'd be gutted if someobne said my house smelt of dog.

My boxers aren't allowed on the sofa (not entirely convinced female doesn't get on it in the night), they have a giant three person beanbag near the window.
The beanbag has a large throw on it which I wash and change every week.
They have a bath once a month with tesco deodorising shampoo and eat Royal Canin vet breed.

My landlord says the house does not smell of dogs at all smile but I do also try and have windows open every day

mouses Tue 11-Mar-14 21:41:39

i smell it myself walking into the room so would be paranoid if i had visitors due.

i have put a sheet on her favourite seat, shes like to bring up bile in the mornings on it so its in the wash daily smile hmm

ddog is on royal canin, not sure why her odour is bad, she went to a groomer on Saturday! confused her feet pong real bad, was tempted to wash them earlier....

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