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Legal advice please.

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Vintagecakeisstillnice Fri 07-Mar-14 16:29:30

Hi all, posting on behalf of a friend.

Long story but the bones of it are, friend was in abusive relationship, has finally got out. While they were together 'they' bought a pedigree puppy. (She paid, him spending all her money was part of the abuse)

Both their names are on the paperwork, however shes the one who has done all the care, training classes, vet visits, and payment.

The only connection they have now is the dog, until the last connection re: their business was gone,he had no interest in the dog, never even asked about her. She, the dog doesn't appear to miss him at all, but then as I said he did little to nothing with her except taking her to the pub occasionally.
In the last few days he's called wanting to see the dog, wanting to take her out.

She's afraid that (a) he'll not bring her back and as his name is on the papers the police will be no help. My thinking is that he actually wants to use the dog to find out where she's moved to, he knows the town but not the address, and the dog would lead him right there.

He's started muttering about his rights etc and calling solicitors etc, does anyone know where she stands legally, can she change the registration papers to take his name off?

Any suggestion etc, thanks in advance.

MothershipG Fri 07-Mar-14 16:43:55

In law dogs are regarded purely and simply as property so if she has some proof of purchase, she should have been given a receipt by the breeder, then he hasn't got a leg to stand on.

When you say the paperwork, do you mean the KC owner's papers? I don't know if she can unilaterally get these changed but it's certainly worth a try.

It sounds like he's just trying to bully her, does she really think he'd actually fork out for a solicitor?

whatwoulddexterdo Fri 07-Mar-14 16:57:41

I don't know the legal situation but I do know that you can change the ownership on the KC registered papers. I have done this and it costs £15, you get a certificate as proof. You will need to know the pups reg no which can be obtained from the breeder.

Vintagecakeisstillnice Sat 08-Mar-14 00:30:29

Thanks, I'll let her know.

Honestly I think he's just trying to get a reaction from her.
Arse that he is.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 08-Mar-14 07:53:03

She may need see a solicitor I have one across contact orders for dogs with clients where they have been unable to agree who has the dog when. We even get details of who has to pay for what and who can make which decisions, in one case I had the unenviable task of getting the deciding vote in certain situations.
We have a current case on the books that s in the hands of solicitors.

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