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does anyone do flyball?

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Owllady Sat 01-Mar-14 17:34:23

What are the basics? How do you find a group?
My 20 month old rescue collie (petite sized) is typical fir her age, as in she is quite bonkers
We do basic obedience and we are down to do low level agility
Behaviour fine at home, walked 5 miles a day, a bit under socialised if I am honest as we live rural
I took her walking today, as usual, but she us is SO quick after a ball that it seems such a shame bot to try it. Iykwim

Ephedra Sat 01-Mar-14 17:54:10

We don't do flyball but have done demos for our club to show how you start to teach your dog. The dog has to do it right to make sure it's safe so make sure you choose a flyball club carefully.

You should look into rally obedience, my collie enjoyed it and so did I! (I hated agility)

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