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Advice needed about rehoming our dog

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bluehearted Thu 27-Feb-14 19:31:45

I really hope someone can help me.

My dh and I have a Rottweiler, she's 5 years old and a massive teddy bear (although small for a Rottweiler). We bought her home in September, her previous owners were divorcing and neither could take her with them. She is a wonderful dog, easy going, great with my DS and with our cats! She's excellent on the lead and very well trained.

The problem... Ever since we had her, my DS has been coughing on and off. Sometimes his cough gets so bad he can't sleep and it sounds so painful. We have taken him to the doctors many times about the cough, they finally suggested allergy testing and it turns out DS is allergic to dogs.

We are really upset and have no idea where to start with rehoming her. I feel so guilty about her having to adjust to another family and also worried about how long it will take, for my sons sake, we want this to happen quite soon. She's currently sleeping soundly at my feet and I feel so bad for her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And advice on where to start with rehoming her? I'm so worried the "wrong" type of person will want her because of her breed (not sure if I should admit that).

Really hoping someone can give me some advice!

bakingtins Thu 27-Feb-14 19:34:32

google rottweiler breed rescue as a first port of call.

LEMmingaround Thu 27-Feb-14 19:45:35

What bakingtins said - definately go for rottie rescue, they may well be able to find a foster home for her. Is she neutered? She is obviously good with children so thats a plus. I used to have rotties and would love to help but i have two dogs already and not enough room sad

Please do not try and home her privately as you really need the next home to be the forever home.

bluehearted Thu 27-Feb-14 20:08:23

LEM that's what I was worried about, trying to re home her privately and it all going wrong.
I've googled a rottie rescue place so will ring them and see what they say. I'm just worried about her sitting in a home for months/years. She isn't neutered.

I really thought we would be her forever home. The previous owner said they could take her in September (when they move into a house and not a flat) but we can't keep my son in pain and coughing for 6 more months.

She's great with kids, just lies there while my DS climbs on her (with me watching obviously), when she's had enough she just takes herself into the kitchen to her bed. The house will be so quiet without her

LEMmingaround Thu 27-Feb-14 20:16:10

If the previous owners can take her back in september the rottie rescue may well be able to find her a foster home until then, if not try the cinammon trust, they generally foster dogs when the owners are ill, but if you explain the situation to them they might be able to help, its certainly worth a try.

bluehearted Thu 27-Feb-14 20:27:29

Thanks so much lem. I'll get on it tomorrow. Would be ideal if she could be fostered until her old owners could take her back! I'd feel happier about it then.
Thanks for your fab advice

LEMmingaround Thu 27-Feb-14 22:23:49

let me know how you get on x

1MitchellMum Fri 28-Feb-14 08:03:54

I don't think the Cinnamon Trust will be able to help as they really just help out elderly/infirm people. I saw on another forum about a new anti allergy drug I think - I will try and re-find it. Agree about not private rehoming - you see horror stories about dogs being acquired for dog fighting. That having been said, a lady who couldn't cope with her big dog rehomed privately to us and she had a lovely home until she died. Rottie rescue for sure - I don't know them personally, but the breed rescues I'm involved in are fab.

LEMmingaround Fri 28-Feb-14 10:22:55

It might be worth approaching dogs trust as they have a scheme I THINK to help with housing issues surrounding dogs and rentals. They also foster dogs good luck.

Scuttlebutter Sat 01-Mar-14 16:59:07

Things that will help any rescue if you are wanting to rehome. Make sure all vaccinations, worming, chip paperwork is up to date, all together and has your name on it. I realise this sounds really basic but you'd be amazed at how often this doesn't happen or paperwork has someone else's name on it, which then causes problems. If bitch is not already spayed, then get her spayed, this way you will also make sure she will not be of interest to any dodgy breeders. Most reputable rescues will not allow a bitch to be rehomed unless she is spayed or is too young to be. Prepare some decent pictures of her (head shot and profile) and write up a short report about her food, any health issues, training, how she is with DC, cats, other dogs etc that can go with her.

Be prepared to wait - most rescues are run by volunteers and are usually over-run, and it will also help if you are willing to transport the dog to an agreed foster home/location. A lot of relinquishing owners seem amazed that they can't have their dog collected the same day!

There are lots of Rottie rescues if you google - just work through the list.

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