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Questions to ask kennels or recommendations in Northern Ireland?

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Bubble2bubble Sat 22-Feb-14 09:51:39

Our dogs have only been kennelled once for two nights.
We thought it was Ok, they had access to a small paddock with the other dogs,and off lead runs in a huge secure field ( two of them Sprollies so this was good). We were not totally convinced we would like to leave them for longer there, although they seemed fine when we collected them the owner said that DDog3 had serious food agression, which he didn't have before we left him....
I was recommended another kennels which is completely different ( need to visit obviously) - three lead walks a day, strictly no socialisation and no off lead opportunity,no grass area,kennelled between walks . Fed on Hills with cooked chicken- compulsory! Sounds very secure and the owner was very accommodating in the phone, but it seems to be the choice of two extremes - what else should I be looking for?

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