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Bit snappy on lead.

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notanotherusername1 Tue 18-Feb-14 10:43:30

My dog is 2 and he has a very long off the lead walk every morning. He meets many dogs and we never have any problems. Luckily we have never met a nasty dog, all have been friendly so nothing bad has ever happened.

He now really has no interest in other dogs on walks, he seems happier doing his own thing and rarely even looks at other dogs if we pass them. He would never run over to another dog. If one runs over to him it's the briefest of sniffs and he is gone.

Some days he gets a second walk around a large lake but he is always on the lead because being a Cocker Spaniel he would want to swim and I can't be bothered with the mess twice a day. Now when other dogs approach he has started to have a little snap at them, nothing serious, more a warning snap. It's only if they really make a deal of sniffing him. If they just come over its ok, to much sniffing and he will snap.

Does anyone know why he only ever does this when on the lead, off the lead there is never a problem. Walking round this lake is to handy to stop as on the way to pick up dc from school and he would be after the ducks and being a pest in the water if not on the lead.


BeerTricksPotter Tue 18-Feb-14 11:01:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notanotherusername1 Tue 18-Feb-14 11:16:18

That makes perfect sense BTP, I will get some treats in my pocket again. He was whistle trained with treats so I know it will work as he is food obsessed.

Last wk we were walking and a lady appeared with 4 dogs off the lead, my heart sank when I saw they were all approaching fast. He was circled by all these dogs and snapped quite badly twisting round and round on his lead. Of course the lady verbally attacked me for having a bad dog as her dogs were being friendly ( just OTT with it) I felt quite annoyed as it did look like my boy was the bad guy but if her dogs had been called away nothing would have happened.


minkersmum Tue 18-Feb-14 13:25:25

I think the woman probably verbally attacked you because she knew fine she was in the wrong.

Have you seen the yellow bandana things? Can't remember what they are actually called or how useful they really are but they are supposed to let other dog owners know your dog needs space. Might be worth having one on him if you ever meet another idiot like the woman with the 4 dogs.

Owllady Tue 18-Feb-14 15:43:52

Can you put yourself between your dog and other dog and swiftly move away before he gets eye contact?
Woman sounds a nutter. Ignore her

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Tue 18-Feb-14 17:14:13

God it bloody annoys me when people let their off lead dogs approach my on lead dog. I ALWAYS lead my boy when we see other dogs on leads. My boy can be snappy on lead off lead perfectly behaved.
I sit him down with me blocking his view of other dog until it's passed. It works for us.

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