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what do you put in your dogs kong?

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roadwalker Sun 16-Feb-14 00:06:32

My miniature poodle is fed dry food but I have been putting chappie in her kong
Like many poodles she has delicate digestion, also has anal gland trouble
On the days she has someone with her all day so no kong she is fine. Good solid poo so no anal gland problem and poos fine
when she has wet food she is loose and spends ages having a poo
Peanut butter is terrible, it makes her poo the same consistency as the peanut butter
She doesnt love the dried food even though it is good quality so that wouldn't work in the kong

Whoknowswhocares Sun 16-Feb-14 00:54:35

I use the dry food soaked and mixed with something yummy. Bit of pate or some sardines/tuna are the favourites here. Or primula, but that might upset your dog as cheese can be difficult for them to digest
Wainwrights wet food in all flavours is also popular here. Again, just a little bit mixed with soaked kibble to give it a nice flavour. it's good quality and hypoallergenic, so might work well

Marrow Sun 16-Feb-14 02:32:25

I mix his normal dry food with some live yoghurt which is really good for their tummies.

thedogwakesuptoodamnearly Sun 16-Feb-14 06:06:14

Dry food and a bit of sausage for challenge.

LIttleMissTickles Sun 16-Feb-14 06:20:01

Peanut butter!

ender Sun 16-Feb-14 08:20:39

Our dogs enjoy carrot or apple, large piece wedged in the kong so they have to work to get it out.

SauvignonBlank Sun 16-Feb-14 08:28:06

I wedge half a Dentastix in the kong for our dog. It keeps her amused for ages. Just wondering if you normally feed her dry, then suddenly switching to wet will upset her, you may need to introduce it a little at a time.

Dinnaeknowshitfromclay Sun 16-Feb-14 08:29:14

Royal Canin Canine Sensitivity canned is really sticky and will stick up inside for ages if you pack it in with a spoon. The feline version even more so and shouldn't do any harm.

thedogwakesuptoodamnearly Sun 16-Feb-14 10:14:23

blank, do you leave a bit sticking out or put the whoe stick inside?

needastrongone Sun 16-Feb-14 10:30:17

Got to be something on this list that's ok.


needastrongone Sun 16-Feb-14 10:31:59

I'll try again, sorry.

wildfig Sun 16-Feb-14 11:27:40

I get cheapest mackerel fillets and whizz them up with cheapest cream cheese, and smear that inside the Kong, then put in some kibble. Hours minutes of ecstatic Kong-bothering.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 16-Feb-14 11:29:36

Wet cat food, freeze it.

LucyLasticBand Sun 16-Feb-14 11:33:24

peanut butter and dog treats.

DaddysBigTummy Sun 16-Feb-14 11:37:14

I put cooked pasta in mine and then freeze them. Some kong paste or peanut butter over the top to seal it all in. How about using a bit of Primula cheese if peanut butter upsets your dogs tummy?

LucyLasticBand Sun 16-Feb-14 11:37:15

you cna put milk in and freeze it.

littlewhitebag Sun 16-Feb-14 11:37:45

My dog only likes the Kong biscuits. I have tried many other fillings but she doesn't like them. She only gets her kong when we are leaving her for a longish period so they are worth the expense.

SauvignonBlank Sun 16-Feb-14 18:23:27

Damearly, I generally break a Dentastix in half, the shove it in, really hard, maybe pushing it against the corner of the worksurface to get it in. Nothing poking out, so that she has to chew really hard to get it out.

bakingtins Sun 16-Feb-14 19:05:15

Small kong and 2 Hill's T/D biscuits (big kibble dental dry food) wedged inside.

Theodorous Mon 17-Feb-14 12:00:47

Peanut butter!

SnakeyMcBadass Mon 17-Feb-14 12:07:55

Peanut butter in the house, because it doesn't make me sick. Or yoghurt or cream cheese. Freeze it for extra durability.

Jemimapuddleduk Mon 17-Feb-14 12:10:26

Peanut butter or Philadelphia

excitedmummytobe Mon 17-Feb-14 16:21:37

they love peanut butter and its totally safe smile

mycatoscar Mon 17-Feb-14 16:24:09

My dog has some of her dried food in a kong which I fill up to the top with homemade liver cake.

Other fillings seem to give her an upset tum

WhileWeSleep Mon 17-Feb-14 19:44:33

Did people actually read the OP? Peanut butter upsets the dog's tummy confused

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