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Banned breeds - poor Aston

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Doggymammy Wed 12-Feb-14 19:24:40

If like me you find the legislation that allows the destruction of 'type' dogs to be barbaric, please could you sign the petition below.

Aston was found as a stray a few days ago in County Durham. He was really poorly and bleeding. The lady who found him took him to the vets where he received treatment. She had been looking after him since. However, then the dog warden came and deemed the dog to be a pit bull type and contacted the police, who have seized the dog. They will be euthanising him within a week. The vets have stated that he is not pit bull but a staffie.

I think it's utter ignorance that there is a type of dog that is dangerous. The poor dog sounds like he has had a miserable life. His life was just getting better, with the lady finding him saying she would adopt him, but now his life is being taken away from him. It makes me so sad sad

I've found this out through Facebook -


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