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Tell me how you are keeping your pup stimulated in this weather...

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NigellasGuest Tue 11-Feb-14 10:00:40

I'm all for going out in all weathers but we are subject to such deluges that pup actually loathes it - he can't wait to charge back indoors after just having a wee let alone a walk or run!

Suffering from slight cabin fever as a result... we're doing hide & seek, practising sit, leave, lie, etc, does anyone else have any bright ideas - I'm sure there's loads of things to do - I've been wrapping treats in cardboard tubes for him to destroy investigate ... I'd love to hear your ideas!

Pufflemum Tue 11-Feb-14 10:55:33

Great question as I was just contemplating the same. I bought pup a coat this morning to tempt her out, we lasted all of 4 minutes!

Puppy party at mine?

NigellasGuest Tue 11-Feb-14 10:58:32

I've just done 2 lots of "find the cheese" and he's conked out in his bed - for now! Puppy party sounds good Puffle!

minkersmum Tue 11-Feb-14 21:42:44

I got an old tea towel cut it into three strips but left strip at top to hold strips together iykwim. Them wet it, tied knots and stuffed little treats in the knots. Popped in freezer and once frozen pup loved it! Cool on thr gums and cheap as chips!!

NigellasGuest Wed 12-Feb-14 13:49:15

not much response, but minkersmum that is a great idea and I'm going to try it out!

Blithereens Wed 12-Feb-14 15:13:34

Do the Dog IQ Test!

minkersmum Wed 12-Feb-14 15:57:56

Ha ha just tried the iq test on my labradoodle!! He scored 20. Fav one was the smiling broadly at their faces, I swear he was like 'yip she's finally flipped' hmm

Blithereens Wed 12-Feb-14 16:27:56

Minkers We did it on two family dogs and one was a genius and the other one...found it challenging, shall we say grin

Whoknowswhocares Wed 12-Feb-14 16:30:43

Ooh that looks fun. Will do it one day soon.
Can't today as just finished an hour training session in the lounge and DDog knackered! Highly doubt she would score any points today!

NigellasGuest Wed 12-Feb-14 19:58:42

it does look fun! it says they have to be at least a year old so just another 7 months to go for my pup before I discover whether he's Brain of Britain....

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