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Allergic to our new dog!

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Mrsap Sun 09-Feb-14 20:43:09

We have a gorgeous new dog. A 6 year old cocker spaniel. We thought long and hard about what breed/size dog etc as have young DCs.

Both DH and I have had dogs all our lives without any issues. However for some weird reason my DH seems to be hugely allergic to this one. He has taken piriton etc which does work bit only in the short term, so not sure what to do?!

Will he get used to it or will it just get worse?

Any advice welcome.

Owllady Sun 09-Feb-14 20:48:42

I have no idea but I think you need to seek some sort of professional advice for this
I am allergic to cars and could not live with them at all I am afraid sad

1MitchellMum Mon 10-Feb-14 07:43:27

Silly question but have you bathed the dog since bringing he/she home? Not suggesting that's a cure all but may be a step in the right direction?

Pufflemum Mon 10-Feb-14 09:07:08

I have a dog and a cat which I am not allergic to but if I go in a house with a different dog or cat I am hugely allergic. When we first got them I did sneeze, wheeze etc but took anti histamine and within 3 weeks built up tolerance. I don't brush them though as this would set off a sneezing fit. We also dont have any carpets and i obsessively hoover and mop which may be a factor. Hopefully your husband will suffer for a few weeks and then get better? Otherwise perhaps you can rehome the husband?

Owllady Mon 10-Feb-14 09:32:56

I am allergic to cars? blush

Mrsap Mon 10-Feb-14 09:37:23

Thx for advice.

Bathed dog etc. have been hoovering like a maniac too but now it seems to have set off DS1.

Confined dog to just the hard floor areas but no let up on the allergic reactions from DH and DS1. Anti histamine working for a bit but wears off and sets both of them off wheezing again.

Nightmare. Like the idea of rehoming DH tho grin

Mrsap Mon 10-Feb-14 09:59:47

Cars!! Good one gringrin

Redpriestandmozart Mon 10-Feb-14 19:19:36

Can I suggest taking the dog to a groomer for a short clip, my daughter is a groomer and cockers are one of a few breeds that irritate her. Her boyfriend has two and provided they are clipped short and bathed regularly she is fine with them, this reduces loose hair & dander in the house. A pro groomer will use shampoo that will remove dander, blast the coat which removes even more and it should minimise any reactions.

As suggested rehome DH smile

Dontletthemgetyoudown Mon 10-Feb-14 19:24:16

I'm allergic to our blac Labrador I take anti histamine everyday. Just a cheap sainsbury own brand one and it works for the most part. I only get a flare up if he licks me.

The dc would rather I was rehomed than the dog. As long as the antihistamine works I'll keep taking it. He's a rescue dog so I'd hate to have to take him back.

Cakesnbeer Tue 11-Feb-14 00:48:23

I am allergic to mine but the reaction has reduced. I wash my hands a lot and never touch my eyes, though that reaction did blow out my wrinkles temporarily!

fackinell Tue 11-Feb-14 01:27:44

Have you checked him for fleas? Sure I read somewhere that fleas can cause this. Also apparently (the vet told me) it's not fur that causes allergies but dander (when they lick themselves and it dries to a powder.) I became used to my cats but I am left with mild asthma. Strangely though, I was mildly allergic to horses and now go into respiratory shock when even near someone who's been on a horse!
Not much help, sorry. wink

Mrsap Tue 11-Feb-14 10:18:35

Thx for all the advice. Have done flea check too. It is the saliva and skin on the hair apparently.

DS1 is really bad now. We have spoken to the respiratory nurse. She is v good with her advice normally.

Fingers crossed!

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