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Does anyone have a dog with a dust mite allergy?

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disorganisedmummy Sun 09-Feb-14 19:31:46

Title says it all really.I have an 8 year old Springer who has been dx with this.We've been given a list of available treatments inclu Atopica (apprx £300 per month),blood test,referral to dermatologist and a few the mo I'm using a steroid spray every day in her ears and on a sore that she has.I need to clarify with the vet how long I can use that for.
I was wondering if anyone else has a dog with this and what you do to manage the symptoms.
Thanks alot

Toomuch2young Sun 09-Feb-14 19:38:42

Yes. I do.
She has a whole range of allergies.
The things that help are:

Lots of hoovering.
Wooden floors if possible.
Plastic bed with a blanket if possible - but mine likes comfort too much! Wash bedding and soft toys frequently.
Every 6 months spray the house with acclaim flea spray - does mites as well.
She had an immunotherapy course of desensitising injections.

For the other allergies like storage mites, some grasses and food allergies:

Small bags of salmon and potato wafcol food - large bags get dust mites.
Wipe face after eating, feet after walks.
Yumega plus liquid supplement added to food really reduced inflamed skin and hair loss, she's really soft and smooth now.
Monthly advocate to protect against fleas/mites etc.

Sounds a lot but its kept her comfortable and steroid free and now she's looking great all soft smooth coated no red skin and itching. Good luck.

disorganisedmummy Sun 09-Feb-14 19:57:18

Thanks Toomuch.Millie also has pancreatitis and is blind (PRA) so poor thing has alot going on.Her biggest problem are itchy,smelly,yeasty ears.Obv some of that is being a spaniel but her ears are grim.I'm cleaning them out with ear cleaner and then steroid spray but she really hates it and doesn't cope well with having anything like that done.
I do flea her but I am not as religious as I should be so get on top of that!

Are there any particular make of bedding/blankets that are best?
Re food,she has to be on a low fat diet due to panc issues.I've heard that you can get storage mites but trying to work out how to resolve this as i by a big 6 kilo bag every month.
SHe gets scabs on her back mostly along her spine but they don't bother her that much but they come and go,not there all the time.
I'll look into Yumega plus liquid and see if its suitable for dogs with panc

Thanks so much,please keep advice coming!

Toomuch2young Sun 09-Feb-14 21:04:35

Oh no, poor Millie, what a lot going on!
I wouldn't think yumega is good for her due to needing low fat for pancreatitis so best avoid that with it being an oil.
Does her food come in a smaller size? Or put in in a sealable tub and wipe it out at the end of each bag full.

For yeasty smelling skin, malaseb baths are good.

Vet bedding is good and washes well. Or just a light blanket in a plastic tub is meant to be the best for dust allergies but no way would mine sleep on that!! Likes luxury grin

disorganisedmummy Sun 09-Feb-14 21:24:41

Yes,her food comes in a smaller size.Would putting it in an airtight container work?Being thick here but the smallest size is 2kg but she would get through that in a week or so trying to work out how to store surplus iygwim.
I had read on a website that sells yumega that someone did use it on her dog who had pancreatitis and dog was fine but obv that depends on the dog/severity and so on.
She goes to a groomer once a month for a bath and what not with her sister who can see and is bathed with maleseb.
It's her ears that are the worst smelling and she does have an aroma,you can tell when she's on the room,poor thing!
We're getting another springer pup in March (god help me) so really want to get things sorted by then.

Know what you mean about luxury,Millie sleeps on our bed most nights much to the annoyance of my husband!grin

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 09-Feb-14 23:03:13

There is a brand new product on the market that is half the cost of atopica and is not an immunosuppressive. It is most suitable for dogs with allergies and can be combined with immunotherapy. The dermatologists are very excited about it. Ask about Apoquel.

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