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need to keep dogs off lawn

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ender Wed 05-Feb-14 11:32:39

Small garden with 2 lawn areas. The one by the back door (2.5 x 3m) is now just mud with a few tufts of grass as dogs have been dashing out for quick pees through the winter. I'm hoping to reseed with a more dog resistant grass (micro clover mixture) and need to keep dogs off for a while, or maybe train them to stay off for good and use the bigger lawn.
I need a temporary barrier, doesn't have to be dog proof, just to help with training dogs not to go on the area. Was thinking of bamboo stakes and string but would prefer something a bit more robust. Any ideas?

Goldencity1 Wed 05-Feb-14 13:07:23

I got a roll of chicken wire ....the holes are too small for heads and paws to get stuck through and with some sticks is quite self supporting.

But Goldiepup soon learned to jump over/jump on and squash it so it didn't last long!

You could try taking them out on their leads to the "toilet" area and then rewarding when they perform? More of a faff I know esp when its raining and or dark!

ender Wed 05-Feb-14 14:15:59

Thanks, chicken wire sounds better than sticks and string smile. Doesn't need to be strong enough to keep them out, hoping training will do that, just need to define the area for them.

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