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Best new puppy book?

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MothershipG Mon 03-Feb-14 23:07:03

A friend is getting their first ever dog, is Gwen Bailey's Perfect Puppy the best book to recommend? Or is there anything better?

I had an Ian Dunbar book but it always felt a little too Gina Ford'ish to me.

cashewfrenzy Mon 03-Feb-14 23:27:12

Life Skills for Puppies by Daniel Mills and Helen Zulch. It's a fantastic new book. It's the first time a puppy book has properly addressed the really vital issue of teaching puppies to be resilient in this busy world we expect them to inhabit. It isn't at all SWMNBish but it does set out clear objectives to cover. I recommend it to all my puppy clients now.

MothershipG Tue 04-Feb-14 07:37:10

Thanks Cashew, what's SWMNB?

incogKNEEto Tue 04-Feb-14 07:41:33

SWMNBN is she who must not be named! (GF)

MothershipG Tue 04-Feb-14 15:07:35

Thanks incog! Even when I read that I didn't get it for a second, d'oh! grin

I also just sent links to the book to a friend who is pregnant (and has a similar name to the friend who is getting the puppy) who will now be totally confused or think I am a completely mad dog lady!

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