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Rehoming my sister in laws springer

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largeginandtonic Thu 30-Jan-14 16:46:34

Please help me help my sister in law.

They have a springer spaniel who is just a year. He's basically has irritable bowel syndrome and requires a super specialised diet.

He's had ongoing health issues with this usually resulting in vet stays. He is insured. They pay though the nose for it but the new vets (they moved) will not accept payment from the insurance comp. they have to pay upfront.

He costs a fortune in special food a month. Insurance payments and every month something else comes up. They worry he is suffering through their lack of money and needs better care.

ATM he has a seed stuck in his ear and needs to see the vet. They won't see him without payment. She's phoned the RSPCA people and various other places but as they are not on benefits no one will see him.

They want to rehome him. Both are incredibly sad about it all but just can not support him anymore. We have spent the day on the phone trying to get him re homed and seen.

The vets are looking in to rehoming him but we have not heard back.

What else can she do?

It's a horrible situation.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 30-Jan-14 16:54:04

There is a specialist springer rescue which is their best bet as there needs to be very tight continuity to maintain the insurance.
Sadly as a practice when you have been badly burned by a direct insurance claim, as I have to the tune of £1500 it makes you very cautious of doing them.

magnumicelolly Thu 30-Jan-14 17:20:47

There are so many healthy dogs looking to be rehomed that unfortunately they are going to really struggle to find someone to take him. Hopefully the springer rescue suggested above will be able to help. If not they need to seriously consider whether it might be best for the dog to be put down instead of left to suffer without seeing a vet or being passed from pillar to post. I do hope they aren't intending to get another dog after ditching this one though?!

1MitchellMum Thu 30-Jan-14 17:25:28

How awful. Poor little dog. I do know of a dog with IBS who is doing well now that she's raw fed (which may be cheaper, but if they can't afford the current vet's bill then that may be out of the question). Breed rescues would always be a first port of call. If they're insured could they not get a credit card to cover the vet's bills? Hope they find a solution for this poor little fella.

moosemama Thu 30-Jan-14 17:31:39

Springer Spaniel Rescue

Cocker and English Springer Rescue

North West English Springer Rescue

South Yorks English Springer Rescue

English Springer Spaniel Welfare

Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue

Kennel Club list of Springer Spaniel Rescues

Hopefully someone from one of those rescues should be able to help.

kitsmummy Thu 30-Jan-14 20:27:24

I would also suggest looking into raw feeding (the vet may not recommend it but not many of them do ecommend raw feeding despite loads of dogs thriving on it). Raw feeding has put weight on my dog when all other kibble just went straight through her.

It would cost around £30 a month to raw feed a springer.

As they're thinking of re-homing her, it has to be worth a shot doesn't it?

largeginandtonic Tue 04-Feb-14 13:13:14

Posted this and it all went bonkers. Thank you to those that replied. I just wanted to update you all.

A lovely RSPCA lady called. She was quite 'firm' on the phone and to the point but you could tell she was lovely and really looking out for the dog.

As we thought rehoming him was going to be impossible, he was just costing far too much. Any treatment for his ear would send him back to the vets with a lengthy stay as it would spark off his IBS again. He suffered terribly with separation anxiety.

She said she was worried (as my sil was) that he'd sit in a kennel being very poorly waiting for a home that wouldn't come.

I said we had considered the kindest thing was to put him to sleep and she thought that really was the best idea. She organised it with a local vet.

I took her and the dog that evening. She was incredibly sad. He really was a gorgeous dog but unfortunately not cut out for this life.

Thank you for your help.

1MitchellMum Tue 04-Feb-14 13:36:49

That's so sad. But no more pain for the little fella. RIP.

schloss Tue 04-Feb-14 13:59:10

Such a sad and I think "wrong" outcome. The first port of call should have been the breeder who should have taken the dog back if the owner wanted to rehome him. IBS is a vets way of saying they do not know what is wrong, I agree with the poster who said raw feeding should have been tried. Vets make a lot of money from selling prescription diets and it always seems to be an easy option without looking at what is causing the problem.

The RSPCA also took the easy option by suggesting the dog was PTS.

So sad, I hope the breeder has been informed of what has happened.

I am sure it was a very difficult and sad situation for the OP SIL but I do feel the poor dog had many other options.

LtEveDallas Tue 04-Feb-14 14:11:20

The RSPCA also took the easy option by suggesting the dog was PTS

Fucking RSPCA always take the fucking easy option. 88 MILLION in the bank, but they won't take any more dogs on? Assholes.

I am shocked and disgusted that this poor dog was killed. Your SIL should never have had a dog, not if she couldn't afford to look after it.

There is no way that this was the right option - it was just the easy option wasn't it? Poor bloody dog wasn't worth a bit of hard work.

whatwoulddexterdo Tue 04-Feb-14 15:09:08

I feel so sad for that poor dog.
No attempt to rehome him was made, you just took the easy option.
I really hope your sil does not get another dog, she does not deserve it.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

SnakeyMcBadass Tue 04-Feb-14 15:11:26

Sad to get to your second post and see that such a final decision was made so quickly. Most allergy stuff in dogs comes down to diet, and as someone with a spaniel who had tummy issues and skin allergies until we sorted his diet, I feel very sorry for that young dog.

FiscalCliffRocksThisTown Tue 04-Feb-14 15:16:07

Aren't you guys a bit harsh? Not saying it was the best decision, but it was certainly not an "easy" option from an emotional point of view?

whatwoulddexterdo Tue 04-Feb-14 15:20:36

No I don't think I am being harsh. She didn't bother contacting any other rescue centers and didn't bother trying an alternative diet.
In fact they didn't bother at all.

PeanutPatty Tue 04-Feb-14 15:23:38

Bloody RSPCA. angry

Floralnomad Tue 04-Feb-14 15:25:37

Poor dog , I thought most people knew that the RSPCA are crap . I don't intend to be nasty but I sincerely hope your SIL doesn't get any more pets .

nuttymutty1 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:12:32

Being harsh you must be kidding. The bloody RSPCA ....... and also the owner has been so cruel to this dog - she does deserve a bit of emotional regret tbh.

There is just so much wrong with this whole situation.

If you get a dog you should consider long term health issues, a seed in the dogs ear is a common complaint for a Spaniel and should not be the final straw to get the dog put down. They have insurance change to a vet that will accept payment from the insurance company - some do. Although tbh these peoples should never ever consider a pet again of any sort they have proved that they do not give a dam for the welfare of an animal. So the dog should have been rehomed.

The OP was offered rescues, given diet advice (which would have made a huge difference to a dog with IBS) loads of dogs have IBS and are recommended ridiculous priced food by the vet when a large % of the cases can be helped by giving proper food eg tripe! costs pennies.

The RSPCA - can I just say the Royal Society for the PROTECTION of Animals suggested killing the dog - This will be just one of the 53,000 animals they destroy this year, (over half that they so call rescue) - they are just getting worse and worse.

The OP should have done her research and handed the dog over to a no kill rescue.

If any of you post it was just a dog.............

sebsmummy1 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:23:57

I honestly think having the dog PTS was going to be a lot kinder than being passed from pillar to post and feeling scared and unloved.

I too hope your SIL doesn't go buying another dog in the future.

nuttymutty1 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:29:22

Who says the dog would be passed from pillar to post. A large % of dogs are fostered (the OP may have had to look after the dog for a while until a place was found.....I guess that was too much bother). The dog could have been in foster and then passed to an experienced forever home.

But that took effort so lets just kill the poor innocent dog as it had become a bit of an inconvenience shock

LtEveDallas Tue 04-Feb-14 16:35:30

It also shows the problems caused by unknowing people buying from bad/backyard breeders.

A good breeder would have had the dog back as soon as his issues were discovered.

A good breeder would have worked with the owner to try and resolve his issues.

A good breeder would have had the dog back as soon as the owners said they were going to kill the dog.

Instead the dog was killed (not 'put to sleep', he's not sleeping, he's dead).

Bad breeder, bad owner, bad RSPCA. Dead dog.

kitsmummy Tue 04-Feb-14 17:46:32

This is fucking disgusting. There were other options to try. You and your family took the easy option, shame on you all

ellenjames Tue 04-Feb-14 17:55:16

utterly disgraceful behavior from you all!

YoureBeingASillyBilly Tue 04-Feb-14 18:00:54

Ok so no options other than PTS were explored?

Wow- pretty disgusted by that. At least dog isnt suffering but what a waste if his life.

Can i ask why SIL got a dog if she wasnt prepared or able to care for him while ill?

HoneyDragon Tue 04-Feb-14 18:05:17

The dog across the road from me was adopted as it had had epilepsy and food intolerances and was going to be killed by...guess who. The RSPCA. They switched him to organic food, and a daily 5m run and he's off epilepsy tablets and lives a normal healthy life.

They tell people to put healthy dogs down if they think that's what they want people to here because it's costs first welfare second. There are still a few good eggs in the RSPCA, and this lady was not one of them.

Op. I know this wasn't your decision and you came for advice, but it's a cop out by all around and an example of why the RSPCA are not a charity you can trust sad

MissBeehiving Tue 04-Feb-14 18:06:21

Very very poor behaviour.

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