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Chihuahua puppy HELP!!!!!!!!

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Bea38 Fri 24-Jan-14 19:34:40

Hi there,

So here it is..........
I have a 7mnth old tea cup chi/ Yorkshire terrier and I am finding it very hard to train her. She runs around like a mad woman and tks no notice of me. She eats her own poo and I can't let her free in the garden because she eats slugs. She will only toilet on a puppy mat and will not ask to go out, when we take her for walks she holds it in til she's back home.
Any advice grately received, thanks in advance smile smile smile smile smile

bellasuewow Sat 25-Jan-14 19:08:17

Eating pooh and slugs. Do you feed her enough. Do you feed her at the same times every day. Are you feeding her a nutritious diet ie is she craving minerals.
Obedience and discipline. She is a teenager so will be pushing it chi and Yorker are feisty and clever so they do need firm handling and by that I mean assertiveness not aggression if you frighten them the last thing you want is a fear aggressive dog. These can also be high energy breeds so does she get enough regular excercised and stimulation and by that I mean two interesting walks a day. Are you an experienced dog owner or do you need some help like a puppy class.
Toiletting inside. Is she in a routine does she have am walk feed then sleep then pm walk feed and sleep so her body is in a excercised eating and toilet ting routine. Mine go out 6 am, then 40 mins walk at 7 am then eat then sleep then out at 4pm for 20 mins then eat then sleep then out at 10 then bed.
I hope this helps op.

Racerider Sat 25-Jan-14 20:24:35

I'm not experienced but I've read to get out of the habit of toiletting on a mat take the dog out first thing in the morning before she has a chance to go on the mat then she'll have to go elsewhere because she'll be desperate. Try some longer walks so she has to go outside ? Or put the mat in the garden as an interim measure ?

Bea38 Fri 07-Feb-14 14:55:01

Hi, yes sorry forgot to say she goes out first thing in the morning as she is crated at night, and dies a wee and a poo but I find she also does a wee and another poo when she's comes back in on her mat. Someone suggested that I should just litter train her? She is micro so it is possible? smile

Bea38 Fri 07-Feb-14 15:01:18

Yes I fed her royal canian and I'm sure she is getting enough. I agree that she is high energy!! She is running about everywhere and is quite naughty ( stealing objects she knows she's not allowed and then hiding in places where you can't quite reach her )
I am assertive with her, not aggressive. If she yaps too much I put her in time out and if she nips me I yelp and that seems to work well with her.
I'm not an experienced dog person, she is our first dog. Just never imagined it could be that hard after having three children? Lol hmm

minkersmum Fri 07-Feb-14 16:19:38

I would wean her on to a different food. I have heard a few dogs who eat their own poo who were fed royal canin. Nature diet is a great food if it is wet you are feeding.
I think puppies can be just as much work as a baby tbh!!!

Whoknowswhocares Fri 07-Feb-14 18:05:15

Right well first off, I'd ditch the puppy pads. They just confuse the dog into believing that indoors is acceptable and prolong the agony. Take her back to basics and take her out every 30 minutes or so and stay with her. Praise like crazy when she gets it right and treat her with something she loves. Not toileting out and about is very common for puppies. Something about not being confident to leave their scent, so I'm told. confused

Re stealing things. How do you respond? It sounds like you are chasing her to grab it back! Big, fun game in her eyes!!! Try instead to offer her a swap where necessary for a good treat (cheese, chicken etc) if the item is valuable or dangerous. If low danger/value ignore her wherever possible, so you aren't inadvertently rewarding her with a game she clearly enjoys.

Whoknowswhocares Fri 07-Feb-14 18:08:19

Also Royal Canin is not a very nutritious food tbh. You might find a better quality food helps both in terms of poo eating and behaviour!
I feed Wainwrights which is a fairly good food and most importantly suits my particular dog, but others are potentially better. Take a look at for more info

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