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if you dont pick up your dog poo....

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pollyputthekettleonagain Thu 23-Jan-14 12:51:46

can you please tell me why?

Now i know most people on here are responsible dog owners who pick up EVERY time.

BUT on a forum of this size, there must be at least one person who is willing to admit it, and explain why.

I just dont get why you would leave your dog poo in the street.

SecretSix Tue 11-Feb-14 17:59:26

I am obsessive about picking up, don't even leave it in woodland. Our park is vile at the moment and the odd thing is I never see anyone leaving it. Do they sneak out in the dark? Drives me nuts.

Would do the "I've got spare bags if you've forgotten yours" if I saw them.

Cakeismymaster Tue 11-Feb-14 18:51:17

I've had 2 dog poo confrontations. First, on grass area by the local primary school. Me - excuse me your dog just did a poo there, please can you pick it up? Him- where? No he didn't. Cue me showing him the offending poo - owner studies it then goes 'that's not from my dog' and walks off.... I picked it up myself. And whenever I see that guy now I very loudly go 'LOOK, it's the man who doesn't pick up his dogs poo'
Second one, in local park. Woman sat on park bench, dog roaming around and does a poo on grass by the bench. I go over and point this out, woman gets up, walks off and shouts 'I will pick it up on the way back, I've got no bags'. I say I've got bags! But she walks off swearing..

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