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GSD very hyper since spaying

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KittyLane1 Mon 13-Jan-14 10:58:39

My lovely GSD was spayed on Friday, she is 10 months. Friday night and most of Saturday she was all sleepy and soft. Yesterday she went wild! So so hyper, running around bouncing off the walls, constantly chasing her tail.
Her walks are restricted due to the stitches but we still gets 4-5 20min walks a day. I play with her and also give her plenty time to rest. She is also eating like a bottomless pit. She had a full check up at the vets before spaying so definitely does not have fleas, ticks, worms etc.

Is it normal to be so hyper after spaying? Her stitches are looking fine but I'm worried she will hurt herself, plus she is driving me nuts!

FerretsRfun Mon 13-Jan-14 12:08:03

No experience of females unfortunately but my male GSD was similar and from the same age will have many mad days

More than likely its just the change of routine that's got her acting different as short walks wont make her tired at all and only work to make her excited and wondering why it was such a short walk but it is the right thing to do as you don't want her ruining the vets stitching

Maybe try a chew toy?

toffeelolly Mon 13-Jan-14 17:26:00

My little westie was spayed three weeks ago,for first day she slept and was a little quite on it, but day two back to her old self, but one thing she hated was wearing her neck color she hated it but just put it on when she was on her own , she got her stitches out day ten and has not looked backwink wink

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