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Does my dog need a coat?

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PrincessWellington Sun 12-Jan-14 18:11:23

Hi all,
I have a 1 year old jack Russell cross - might be a lurcur

PrincessWellington Sun 12-Jan-14 18:14:01

Oops lurcher type cross. Short haired and whippet shaped dog

She shivers a lot if she is wet and is always trying to get under a blanket or cuddle up to something.

Does she need a coat and if so how do I get one that fits her properly?

Floralnomad Sun 12-Jan-14 18:38:01

Equafleece do nice coats and jumpers that fit well ,are warm and wash well . They don't look waterproof but do seem to be .

Aquelven Sun 12-Jan-14 19:33:45

I'd get her one, she's obviously miserable at getting wet & cold.
You can get good ones inexpensively from Amazon. Measure her along her back from the bottom of her neck to the base of her tail, that's the inches measurement that they use for coats.
I like the waterproof ones with removable fleece linings that do for wet warm summer days as well as cold winters.

TheCunnyFuntIsGettingMarried Sun 12-Jan-14 20:18:37

Milgi Coats are excellent quality and they have some gorgeous products. They're recently branching out into waterproof coats too smile

TheCunnyFuntIsGettingMarried Sun 12-Jan-14 20:21:57

Also, if you're not sure if a Milgi coat will fit your pooch you can contact them for help, wonderful customer service smile

HomeHypno Mon 13-Jan-14 07:57:58

We have an equafleece coat for the cocker, because we keep his trim quite short. There really isn"t any harm in having a coat anyway, and the dogs will usually let you know if they hate it.... I love the fleece coat because it has such a lovely snug fit yet it's also very light and stretchy. I had to return it to get a different size and they were really helpful.

CMOTDibbler Mon 13-Jan-14 08:41:38

She sounds like she needs inside and outside coats.

I love my milgi house coat, and ddog also has a indoor fleece from Meggie Moo which was made to fit his exact measurements.

For outside in the cold/wet we have Blizzard coats which are sighthound shaped

PrincessWellington Tue 14-Jan-14 19:28:08

Thanks all I have ordered a cheap one off eBay to see if she will tolerate it on first then I will check out all the suggestions. I just didn't want her to look like an accessory IYSWIM - not my style at all - but if she needs it then needs must!

HomeHypno Tue 14-Jan-14 21:09:34

I think dogs are more likely to hate the coat if it makes a scary swooshing noise, or there are uncomfortable straps etc. Our dog clearly loves being warm and cosy because he likes burrowing under our winter duvet and quite happily sleeps there....

It is surprising sometimes how comfort loving he is, far less the wild animal a dog presumably is. If it rains, he seems to hold up and pee the minimum required times just so that he doesn't have to go in the garden and get wet....

MothershipG Tue 14-Jan-14 21:25:34

You don't have to buy silly dog coats that look like human clothes, you can get practical, sensible dog coats. I have 2 toy sized dogs and 1 mini and absolutely refuse to buy them silly coats, much to DD's disappointment. wink they all have snuggle pets fleeces for when it's really cold or wet.

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