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are vet bills increasing rather quickly or is it just mine?

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Owllady Fri 10-Jan-14 11:38:19

I am in the lucky position of being able to afford to pay to keep my pets and pay for insurance etc so it's not that I cannot afford it. Nor am I complaining about my vet as I am more than happy with them
I have just been for the annual check up with my dog for a booster and it was about £30 more than last year confused
It has always been about £50 previously. I just wondered if everyone else was finding this?
Or is it to do with the flea treatment being more expensive now...I actually hadn't thought of that

Butterflylovers Fri 10-Jan-14 11:55:36

If they use treatment such as Advocate, they would probably charge you around £8/9 a pipette.

Owllady Fri 10-Jan-14 11:57:12

Oh well that explains it, I had a 3 month supply!

JKramer Fri 10-Jan-14 12:03:20

Why not ask for a prescription note for as long as you can the next time you pop in, and buy online. Could save you a few bob.

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