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Eukanuba VS Arden Grange

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GhostsInSnow Tue 03-Dec-13 17:12:38

Pup arrives with us on the 21st December and the breeder is currently feeding Eukanuba. Both my boys (both now sadly passed) had Arden Grange for about as long as I can remember and always thrived on it.

I know little of Eukanuba, but something in the back of my mind is telling me I once read something saying it's not ideal. When pup is settled after Christmas I was thinking of changing his food over to Arden Grange Puppy.

I'd appreciate any recommendations you may have for me towards food. I'd obviously prefer a baked rather than an extruded food for him.

For info he is a Scottish Terror Terrier and currently known as 'Pup' or 'Dottie Scogg' because DD(16) has no idea at all we are getting him and I expect she will want input on his name.

D0oinMeCleanin Tue 03-Dec-13 17:17:14

Neither, if you are going down the dry food route use Orijen, Skinners or Fish 4 Dogs.

Iirc Arden Grange and Eukanaba are quite high in grains and fillers.

Lilcamper Tue 03-Dec-13 17:25:52

This is a good place to compare foods

GhostsInSnow Tue 03-Dec-13 17:29:49

Thanks Lil, I'll have a look at that now. Dooin, I'd heard of Skinners but not Orijen so I'll go and do some research on those. Not sure I could cope with a fish based food, I'm not too good with fishy smells blush

Tygra Tue 03-Dec-13 17:36:34

I feed mine Millie's Wolfheart. No grains or fillers and I think its cheaper than Eukanuba and Arden Grange too.

GhostsInSnow Tue 03-Dec-13 17:40:53

Thanks Tygra, another to research!

Tygra Tue 03-Dec-13 17:45:36

Good Luck! I've got 5mth and 9yr old labs and they both have the Riverside Mix as it was cheaper for 2 bags of that than the other varieties. Hope all goes well with the new pup! It's bloody hard work at first but it DOES get easier! My puppy is lovely now he's stopped weeing indoors and I can leave him out of the crate without him misbehaving. A Kong with peanut butter put in the freezer for a while and then given before you want to go out anywhere will be your new best friend!

GhostsInSnow Tue 03-Dec-13 17:53:26

Eden seems like a good choice as well. I'll keep him on the Eukanuba for a few weeks until he's settled then slowly change him over to something a little better I think. I have a reasonably local stockist of Eden, but Millies would need to be a mail order.

I do remember the nights of standing in the garden in my PJ's in the freezing cold. Why I never had dogs in summer I'll never know but this will be the third I've had in the depths of winter.

Bought my Mum's pup charlie a ball from Pets at Home yesterday which you roll and food drops out when it's rolled a certain way. He's a chewer and a little swine (8 Months). Gave it to him while we went out yesterday and it kept him happy for a long time. Always used to give our old Westie a treat station with carrot stuck in it, he'd be on it all day grin

WeAllHaveWings Tue 03-Dec-13 19:38:23

Lils link is great. Our 8mth old lab pup has been on Eden for about 3 months but we have had ongoing problems with loose stools and after much trial and error and help from eden/trying probiotics etc have now given up on it. Have just received order from millies wolfheart today and hoping its better, its still a high protein food, but not as high protien/rich as Eden (smells nicer too).

GhostsInSnow Tue 03-Dec-13 20:11:19

I changed Bob over to Canigan at one point, he did reasonably well on it but it gave him the worst farts ever so I went back to Arden Grange and he was happy on it, probably why it was my first choice.

Be good to read more recommendations smile

needastrongone Tue 03-Dec-13 21:00:01

Taste of the Wild, grain free, expensive, but you need very little as it's great quality. Always does very well on the food comparison websites.

Variety of flavours too, Amazon have a lot of reviews, as does Zooplus.

foolonthehill Tue 03-Dec-13 21:06:17

Tried a couple of high protein, low grain foods...foolishdog (springer spaniel) was loose and unhappy on all despite careful change overs....went back to Arden Grange chicken and rice and all is well again.

however my lurcher was best on Symply which also sorted out his itchy skin.

ThunderboltKid Thu 05-Dec-13 16:49:28

Arden Grange has been great for our spaniel - fish4dogs and orijen did not agree with her at all!

devinajay Wed 04-Nov-15 12:59:49

Have the brand ever posted a recommendation on the thread?

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