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pup had injections and now is off food...normal?

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NCISaddict Sat 30-Nov-13 08:22:25

My pup was not himself after his injection although he didn't stop eating. He was just very quiet and more sleepy than usual. He also had one runny poo and I took him to the vet (am worse with him than I ever was with the DC's) and it turned out he had a mild temp. She gave him an injection of antibiotic and something to bring the temp down and he was right as rain the next day.
Perhaps it's like some babies run a temp after injections?

Hope you're getting on well with your gorgeous ball of

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 29-Nov-13 14:38:00

i have an 11 week old german shepherd pup who does seem to go off it a bit after worming or anything.

on Wedsnesday he had his 2nd lot of injections - prior to this he was a really good eater, but since weds he has hardly touched his food.

he seems fine in himself and is drinking - but just turns his nose up at his food. he seems a little quiet but nothing that is really concerning me. He is eating a little bit, but normally wolfs down the full bowl - he is just picking at it then wandering off.

he is on purina pro plan puppy food and has always enjoyed it.

does this sound like something that is normal following injections or should i be getting concerned now?

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