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Second dog - which breed?

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needastrongone Mon 25-Nov-13 11:23:59


Wondering if anybody has any suggestions re getting a second dog.

I had provisionally had reserved a puppy from a GSP litter, this was to be a Christmas surprise for DH. This sounds dreadful, a 'puppy for Christmas', I don't mean it to be like that, DH has been keen for an addition for ages, I was less sure but has completely come round to the idea, so this was the surprise.

Most of you know I struggled initially with our dog, I wanted to do it 'right', but I am so besotted with him now it's incredible, he's a true member of our family and I love him so very much.

Anyway, I had too many glasses of wine on Friday night and told DH of my lans, but I am glad I did, as he didn't like the idea of a large dog. I hadn't realised he felt like this, he has always admired large breeds and indeed owned one, but he enjoys the size of our small Springer. I respect the decision, I got it wrong.

DH does want another dog though, very much and we had a long chat about our requirements. I wondered if you can help though? I'll list below so muddled thoughts below.

Springer - definitely, we all love our small, skinny boy so another one would be great.
Cocker - DH really like them, so do I, but I am concerned about just how many litters are for sale, which is a strange thing to be concerned about, but I am. And health issues. They are double the price of a Springer! There's maybe one or two litters at most of Springer's in our area, maybe 15 Cocker's (just a quick search on puppy selling sites)
No Staffie's - I like, DH just doesn't.
JRT's - I like, DH doesn't.
Terrier in general - fine.

Our Springer is intelligent and active, but loving and soft too, so I would love a breed which compliments this, it would need to be able to cope with 2 plus hours walking a day, and enjoy training.

I have also been to our local Dog's Trust and had a long chat with them, they were VERY keen to help further, and would be happy to rehome a puppy to us. They have a 5 month old 'Jug' available, but we have a busy Christmas planned, with night away, I feel this isn't the right time, no routine and a lot of noise and action. I am going to volunteer to help actually, as I have some spare time at the moment.

Any breeds that I haven't considered?

Thank you.

needastrongone Mon 25-Nov-13 11:25:11

Spelling is awful, on phone and I didn't concentrate or preview,

needastrongone Mon 25-Nov-13 11:27:18

Lastly, I don't mind a cross-breed at all, I also wondered if it was ok to ask our vet if he knew of any litters planned?

everlong Mon 25-Nov-13 11:55:49

We have always had springers and cockers.. I love gundogs.

When we decided on a second dog in the summer I researched a breed I'd always liked the look of - Italian Spinone.

Their temperament appealed to me. They are quite a docile breed ( as adults ) gentle, laid back, exceptionally good with children and other animals. Totally different to the hyper activeness of a spaniel.

We now have a 5 month old dog ( bought him at 8 weeks ) and we adore him. His calm, loving nature is delightful. He's responsive to training, great out on walks, good in his crate.

They aren't for everyone though. They are BIG dogs, they have a beard that gets messy and needs wiping and their paws are huge. So far I haven't noticed much moulting which is good.

I find them much easier to have around than spaniels, not as neurotic and intense and would definitely have another one day.

needastrongone Mon 25-Nov-13 13:08:01

Thank you everlong, for your reply. Your dog sounds lovely, and it's good that you have the comparison of a history of Spaniels to give advice.

I wonder if DH would deal with the size of a Spinone, and would he/she be able to keep up with a Spaniel?

I have also heard Schnauzer's (sp?) mentioned on here? Any advice from any folk in this regard?

Just put my Spaniel in the garden, he's followed me around like a lost soul this morning, despite already having a walk over close to 90 minutes!

hennipenni Mon 25-Nov-13 13:12:55

What about a working cocker? that should be able to keep up with your springer provided you have the time for them. I know they are high energy dogs, a friend of mine has one who has fitted into family life very well.

mrslaughan Mon 25-Nov-13 14:21:16

what about a Teckal - fab little dogs, I see one regularly that lives with a viszla, and it definitely holds its own, but without the madness!

everlong Mon 25-Nov-13 14:53:23

Oh I'm sorry OP I missed that part in your post about your DH not being keen on a large dog!

A spin would not do then grin

What about a Tibetan spaniel, border terrier or Brittany spaniel?

LadyTurmoil Mon 25-Nov-13 17:01:02

What about a Westie, Border Terrier or one like Mikey or a Cavalier King Charles? All fairly small dogs but with character.

Schnauzers have been talked about on other threads, some say they are lovely, others seem to have experiences meeting snappy, yappy ones.

As you've already got one dog, you would certainly fill the criteria to adopt an ex-breeding dog, or are you set on a puppy?

needastrongone Mon 25-Nov-13 18:20:50

I did talk to the vet today, as we were there anyway. Personally, he is a BIG fan of Spaniels, for their temperament, a Cocker or Springer would be his second dog of choice (they have one already). he's has only had one issue with a Springer is all his years as a vet, and this one was old and had dementia.

He said the same re Schnauzers, lovely but can be yappy.

I will look into your suggestions everlong, I have read about Welsh Springers today, they sound lovely, and in keeping with our English version.

DH very keen on a working Cocker, they would be a good fit hennipenni. We are up for the activity levels, we have coped fine with this one.

Lady - yes, I do think a puppy tbh.

I rescued a little JRT today! She was lost and shivering and cold and, frankly, adorable. Tiny. Tried to sit on my knee as I drove to the vets. She was micro chipped and name tagged, so I think a happy ending is order.

Also went to Dogs Trust to volunteer, I am not needed, no space for volunteer dog walkers!

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 25-Nov-13 19:05:15

A Border Terrier would definitely be a good fit with a springer. I have just posted on another thread that my BT gets on best with the springers, beagles and vislas in our doggy meet up group. There is also sorts there but my BT and the 2 springers are the ones that roll around together tirelessly.

They are fabulous fun dogs and not snappy or yappy.

MissBeehiving Mon 25-Nov-13 19:37:09

I have a BT and he is fab, so friendly and gorgeous. I was given an old book about BTs by a farmer friend and the breed standard says that a BT should be "able to follow a horse and combine activity with gameness" grin - it goes on to say that BTs should "have a certain amount of terrier spirit and should be brave and alert, without being quarrelsome". Lovely dogs.

I also have a miniature poodle x lab who is gentle, not too big, very affectionate. She's great. But hard to replicate!

LadyTurmoil Tue 26-Nov-13 18:25:52

I know you said a puppy but he's still young Postie is very cute!

Sadly, Many Tears has many unsold litters on their website now ... some spaniel crosses who may fit the bill

basildonbond Tue 26-Nov-13 20:29:24

Can I throw another breed into the mix? I think our a dog like our gorgeous Toller would be absolutely perfect with a springer

They are medium sized when fully grown, are ridiculously beautiful and all the Tollers I've met have a fabulous temperament - they have been bred for generations to be playful, active and obedient, a bit like collies with an 'off' switch. They are working dogs so happiest when they have a job to do.

The only downside is that there aren't very many if them on the uk so you'd have to go on a waiting list, although I can't believe they'll stay a 'secret' for much longer. I am completely besotted with our little boy smile

needastrongone Thu 28-Nov-13 12:33:47

mrslaughlan - I met two Tackal's yesterday, I was chatting to their owner in the middle of the wood. We had along conversation about the breed (I had Googled them the other day, so knew the basics by then). She had Springer's for years before this, so I got another perspective too. Had never even heard of the breed before this week I confess. smile

(It was only afterwards that I found out she owned the estate that I was walking on!)

I went on Champdogs to look at Toller's, so few breeders as you suggest basildon

Do Manytears rehome over the country then?

Had pretty much agreed on a working Cocker until last night, and they are my favourite, so I lurked on a couple of breed specific forums, who seemed to warn folk off having them as pets rather than specifically working them and they would be too manic.

I got confused then, most folk warned us about getting a Springer with working blood in him, but he's been easy peasy, do you guys think folk paint a grim picture?

I would worry that we just struck lucky with our dog.

LadyTurmoil Thu 28-Nov-13 17:27:43

Yes Many Tears rehome all over the country. They must have a network of homecheckers they use and, of course, you've already got a dog so you'd pass, I'm sure.

You can't obviously get a full history, health-wise, on a dog from them but you could always ask a local vet to them or the fosterer to do an additional check for you.

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