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Cold in her crate.

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bellasuewow Tue 26-Nov-13 22:33:55

Wooly mat under the crate to insulate a tiled floor, high sided bed in crate, layer four fleece blankets in bed, heat mat or small hottie in blankets so they can also escape from it if they get too hot should be fine

Loveleopardprint Sun 24-Nov-13 17:59:38

Loads of great ideas. Thank you. Off to move the crate and make her more snuggly now. wink

LadyTurmoil Sun 24-Nov-13 16:48:37

Old sheets or blankets draped over the crate will keep out draughts. Also, put something under the crate, so the cold from the floor isn't coming through. If you're in an old cottage with stone/slate floors, that can be really cold. Charity shops are good for cheap stuff, not easy to find "real" old-fashioned blankets anymore (and they're very bulky to wash or dry as well).

Aquelven Sun 24-Nov-13 15:38:39

Talking of jumpers, people ones, I keep a few of my old discarded ones to one side. If I have a restless puppy to settle or one of my dogs is feeling a bit poorly, I wear one just round the house for a few hours then put it in their bed to snuggle into. It seems to comfort them.

everlong Sun 24-Nov-13 11:56:48

My crate is in the kitchen but I think it gets cold at night. I put two fleecy blankets over the crate to keep out drafts.
I think the jumper is a good idea also.

ExcuseTypos Sun 24-Nov-13 11:03:52

My shorted haired Jack Russel has a folded up fleecy sleeping bag (DDs old one) folded up in her bed, she then has a doggy fleece cover on top.

She gets in between the two and is toast warm.

Dumpylump Sun 24-Nov-13 10:56:17

Our little one has fleece blanket over his crate at mum says I treat him like a budgie grin

GeeinItLaldy Sun 24-Nov-13 10:48:52

You can usually get fleece blankets in pound shops if you haven't any lying around.

GeeinItLaldy Sun 24-Nov-13 10:47:50

You can usually get fleece blankets in pound shops if you haven't any lying around.

Loveleopardprint Sun 24-Nov-13 09:54:49

I can move the crate to a slightly warmer room. We live in a draughty old cottage so there isn't that much heat anywhere. Will go through my cupboards and look for old blankets.

Aquelven Sun 24-Nov-13 09:50:44

One of mine feels the cold, hates getting his feet wet too ( he's a real soft pudding) he's a small breed with a fine silky coat that doesn't provide much warmth. He has a big piece of vetbed in the bottom, topped with several fleeces & woolly blankets( cheap from Edinburgh Woollen Mills) that he can dig around in to make a cosy nest. Then I put a cover over his crate, not a specially fitted one, just an old blanket. But he does have his crate in my bedroom. Can you move yours to a warmer room for the winter?
The only other little one I have of the same breed sleeps on my bed, snuggled as close as she can when it gets cold smile

Loveleopardprint Sun 24-Nov-13 09:25:19

She is a mixed breed. Poodle/spaniel. That is a good idea about a duvet. We have a little jumper which my daughter bought her. Could put her in that at night.

GeeinItLaldy Sun 24-Nov-13 08:48:59

What breed is she?

Heat pad might be too warm, especially if she can't move away from it.

You could drape a blanket over the crate to block any draughts and help contain the heat. A couple if layers of vet bed and a fleecy blanket should be enough to keep her cosy.

mistlethrush Sun 24-Nov-13 08:48:56

What breed is she - if she has a thin coat you could use a house coat or PJs.

starsandunicorns Sun 24-Nov-13 08:46:33

Car= cover

starsandunicorns Sun 24-Nov-13 08:46:01

My dafty dog has a cutted up duvet in old duvet car she makes a nest with just her nose poking out

Loveleopardprint Sun 24-Nov-13 08:43:50

My dog sleeps in her crate in my utility room. I think it is a bit cold in there now and I am wondering what is the best way to keep her warm? I was thinking of a reflective heat pad?

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