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Lurcher with greyhound may need gen anaesthetic any advice

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paddythepooch Sun 03-Nov-13 16:53:24

My beloved boy has hurt his claw. On lead exercise and anti bs. Vet is saying either a local or general to remove claw is one possibility. I know greyhounds need special treatment round general anaesthetic. Any good sound sources of info I should give vet?

Claw is not bothering him so removal seems a bit ott but I may be wrong.

No horror stories please. My nerves can't take it :-)

Scuttlebutter Mon 04-Nov-13 17:37:42

Just to return to the original point of this thread. We currently have four greys,some elderly, and have fostered many, often in poor states of health,underweight and often needing neuter/spay, dental and other ops while with us, on the journey back to health and readiness for adoption.

I'd have no hesitation whatsoever about my vet performing a GA - subject of course to them recommending it, and following any necessary pre-op tests/checks. It worries me greatly that some grey owners are still reluctant to have things like dentals done because of outdated concerns about GA, when risks (and pain sad) from untreated dental problems are very much more a real problem.

paddythepooch Tue 05-Nov-13 07:02:14

Hi all

Thanks for all your expertise. Felt much more confident about facing possibility of GA. As it turns out vet thinks best to let claw fall off naturally rather than do an op but at least I know now if we face a similar situation.

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