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Burgess Sensitive dog food... Anyone used or got any opinions on it??

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JulietBravoJuliet Fri 18-Oct-13 10:02:55

Feeding my collie x poodle has been a bit of a saga to say the least as she's intolerant to just about everything! Fed her on either Applaws or Fish 4 Dogs for a couple of years, which she was fine with, then all of a sudden she starts itching, biting at herself, bald patches, loose poo etc on both of these foods. Switched her to raw for a while, which on the whole was ok, but she suddenly can't seem to tolerate chicken, and we had a very, very bad episode of explosive diarrhoea after she was fed beef, so I'm back to trying dry food again and we were having some success with Barking Heads, but it's bloody pricey!

My friend gave me a part bag of Burgess Sensitive Salmon & Rice, which she's had for 4 days now and touch wood there's been no ill effects so far; she's doing nice firm, small poos, no itching, stomach gurgling or wind and her coat looks fab. However, it's not a brand I'm familiar with, having always used "premium" brands with all my dogs, so just wondering if anyone had any experiences or opinions on it? I'm getting to a point where I'll need to buy another bag so just pondering whether to buy this or carry on trying horrendously expensive foods!

CMOTDibbler Fri 18-Oct-13 10:08:29

If she's happy on it, then why not continue? My lurcher is very sensitive, and we've ended up on Oscars having had a trial pack and the difference in his poo even from premium sensitive brands is amazing

JulietBravoJuliet Fri 18-Oct-13 10:21:57

I think I will. It's on offer at the minute at the local pet shop at £5 for a small bag which is under half the price of the Barking Heads and she seems to like this one more. I've always gone for foods that are the highest meat content etc, but I think some of them are too rich for her. Never had a dog that's this much of a problem to feed!!

Lozislovely Fri 18-Oct-13 11:11:44

I feed my Westie on it. Took me about a year to find a food that suited his sensitive tum and 3 bags later he's still got lovely firm poos wink

I'm not sure how it rates against other more expensive brands in terms of quality but as he's content on it I'll stick with it.

CEvert Fri 18-Oct-13 11:22:14

@OP. Did you use meat fit for human consumption? Have you tried cooking to see if that makes any difference? What about other meats? Like pork lamb turkey and fish.

JulietBravoJuliet Fri 18-Oct-13 16:49:03

Yes I was using meat from the butchers. The beef that upset her stomach so badly was actually stewing steak! Cooked chicken doesn't agree with her, always causes diarrhoea and I really cannot afford to keep buying meats when they end up indirectly strewn all over my house when she vomits/shits them back lol I think I'll stick with the Burgess for now, seeing as it's agreeing with her smile

Awks Fri 18-Oct-13 17:30:22

We feed our pup on the sensitive puppy food. It's been brilliant. Only used it as it's a local company but so far i think I will stick with it. Lots of the doggy folks round here swar by Supadog as well though when you look at the oingredients thats def a medium range. If you have a wilkos its much cheaper in there than PAH.

Awks Fri 18-Oct-13 17:30:58

oh my lord, spelling fail.

daftyburd Fri 18-Oct-13 17:50:11

I have not used the food but do use their salmon treats when training puppy. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and the Burgess treats do not give him the runs.

minkersmum Sat 19-Oct-13 00:16:33

I used to feed my dog burgess sensitive. Never a problem. Produced quite small pleasant(ish!?) poos!

franknunez Wed 06-Apr-16 16:28:53

Those brands you speak of are "premium" because of the ingredients or "premium" because you know them ? Bigger brands = more marketing budget but doesnt mean premium quality food ingredients.
Burgess pet care isc a greatr brand with great quality products!

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