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New baby - cat poo?

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Pizdets Tue 15-Oct-13 17:52:58


Just wondered if anyone might be able to advise. We brought home our new baby just over 2 weeks ago and so far Pizpup is doing brilliantly with him - he snuggles next to me on the sofa if I'm feeding the baby, seems pretty calm and is sleeping well at night again after a bit of disruption when the baby cried for the first couple of nights. We've tried to do things right, making sure he met the baby properly when he came home, making time for attention for the dog each day, giving him good long walks etc.

The only problem is that suddenly the dog is obsessed with eating cat poo. We have a litter tray for the cats on the floor and he was trained as a tiny puppy that it was out of bounds and it has never been a problem. However now he's sneaking in there whenever he can to eat their poo which results in both poo being spread around the house and in the dog getting a bit of an upset tummy. I'm assuming this is some kind of stress behaviour but wondered if anyone had experienced similar or had any advice? What else can we do to make the dog comfortable? Should we give up on the idea of trying to train him out of it and get a covered litter tray, or might it be a passing phase?

Any suggestions or feedback would be great, my heart breaks when I think he might be feeling sad and I want to try and get equilibrium back in the house as far as I can!


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