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Are you thinking of getting a dog...or maybe a second dog?!

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LadyTurmoil Tue 15-Oct-13 15:20:10

I'm fostering Aggie, a lovely rescue dog of about a year old. She has adapted brilliantly to living in a house. She only had one accident inside when her tummy was a bit dodgy in the first days but, since then, has been going outside.

She is very affectionate, does like to jump up to get attention but is learning that "off" means off! She will sit for her food, will sit for treats and has learnt that running after a ball is fun! She is learning the command "wait" before we cross roads. I think she would love to learn more tricks and perhaps do something like flyball or agility as she's very fast!

In the house, she loves lying on her back and getting belly rubs. She can be touched/stroked all over without any problems, she does still mouth a bit when she wants to get your attention but she's learning fast that it's not acceptable.

She sleeps overnight in a crate and goes in there during the day to relax. She usually wakes up around 7.30am on school days but was fine until about 9 at the weekend.

We have been walking her twice a day, one longer during the day and another short walk in the evening which she really enjoys. When her recall is better, I'm sure she will love to be off lead as she bounds about in the garden after a ball. Although she is fine as an only dog, I get the feeling she would love another dog to play with (or active children) as she is only young herself.

She's got shortish hair which is very easy to brush and keep clean. She was very sweet at the groomers and at the vets, generally very friendly to all humans, especially children, and receives a lot of compliments about her looks! A bit more cautious with dogs she has met but will stand and sniff quietly. All in all, a lovely dog that would make a fabulous family pet. She's already spayed (saving you £££s in the future) and has a pet passport and all the current vaccinations including rabies.

If you would like to adopt, or know someone who would, contact me via FB. You would need a homecheck by the animal charity, Action Aid for Animals. They will also provide you with guidance, advice and help if you should need it in the future.

I'll put some pics up on my profile or pm me for more info.

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