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Dogs chewing when left alone

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anchovies Sun 13-Oct-13 19:10:33

I have started my PGCE placement which has meant I have had to start leaving our dogs on their own in the day. Our eldest dog (a rescue) was never happy being left (barked and chewed his bed) but was fine being left after we got a puppy. The puppy is now 18 months old but still a menace, very well trained on the whole but a total opportunist when it comes to pinching stuff to eat or chew up.

So knowing the placement was coming up we had a door put in the garage with a dog flap and a small section of the garden fenced off with block paving. I have organised for my mum or sister to go in everyday for an hour in the middle, I am out 8 until 4.

So it becomes apparent very quickly that the dog flap wont work as neither of them will wee on the paving and the younger dog is desperate to escape. So we lock the dog flap and shut them in the garage. The dog bed gets destroyed that day (a tuffie one so cost a bomb!) so they then just have the crate (not shut) with a piece of vet bed to sleep on. Any other blanket gets shredded. They have now started finding other things in the garage to chew up - eg 2 coats (hung high, one of them has jumped to pull not only them down but the coat hook they were on straight out of the wall) various shoes (that I thought were out of reach) and today a box of toys.

The current crate is too small for them both. Is my only option buying a bigger crate?

Sorry this is so long!

anchovies Sun 13-Oct-13 19:11:43

Forgot to say one is a lab, younger dog is a lab x collie. They go out running with dh every morning before he goes to work - usually an hour or so, 10 miles ish.

Floralnomad Sun 13-Oct-13 19:36:39

Is the plan to shut them in a bigger crate because if so then I don't think that is suitable at all ,also is the garage heated as my mum is convinced that her dogs behaviour ( overnight) is affected by the temperature ( the behaviour is worse when its chilly) .

flowery Sun 13-Oct-13 19:43:30

Doggy day care?

anchovies Sun 13-Oct-13 20:02:50

I think doggy daycare will bankrupt us sad

We have talked about the temperature issue. The garage isn't heated and obviously having no bed in there isn't ideal. As the week went on the flaws in my plan all started to come to light! The next idea is to leave them in the house, obviously though this has the potential to be disasterous!

Floralnomad Sun 13-Oct-13 20:18:52

Could your mum or sister not take them for the day ,long term if you're going to be working you will need a better plan than the current one .

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