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Thread to share dog friendly venues, pubs and cafes etc

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moosemama Wed 09-Oct-13 10:17:41

As it's starting to get colder and I thought it might be a good idea for us to share info about places like cafes and pubs etc that welcome dogs indoors.

Nothing nicer than going for a lovely crisp dog walk and topping it off with either a pint or mug of hot chocolate.

I've looked at lots of the dog friendly listings, but they seem to be really out of date when I look at pubs etc in my area, as I know for a fact the listed pubs are anything but dog friendly, many of them having been taken over and gentrified/gastro-pubbed since the listings were made.

I am West Midlands based and will admit to not knowing any myself, so have totally selfish reasons for starting the thread! blush grin

So, if you know of anywhere particularly welcoming to dogs that you are willing to share ....

BinarySolo Fri 11-Oct-13 10:42:04

Sharnford Arms in Sharnford, Leicestershire. Lovely warm welcome. You can walk the dogs round Fosse Meadows first which is very dog and child friendly and has different obstacles and a kids play area. It has streams running through that are great for cooling hot dogs down as well as cleaning mucky paws.

Go on a Sunday and you'll likely be treated to a free bowl of chips at the pub. Landlord is a real dog lover and made a huge fuss of our dogs despite them being soggy from the walk.

neepsandtatties Fri 11-Oct-13 13:48:06


Gastro pub with rooms, all dog friendly (dogs allowed in restaurant for all meals, as well as in bedrooms). Lovely location.

The Queen Vic in Priddy, Somerset on the Mendips. A lovely traditional pub - if you go in with a dog everyone spends ages admiring the dog!

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